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  1. Hello community ^^ I come to you today for a quick question. I have an INDIE version of Houdini, yesterday I sent a scene to a friend who he and non-commercial. And since he returned the scene I can not open it in INDIE but automatically in non - commercial. Which annoys me a bit because I would not want to have the version limitations and the Watermarks while I paid an INDIE version. Do you have a solution ? thank you in advance
  2. For Each problèm in Houdini 17

    HOOO MY GOD Really thank you for this vidéo. Yes i would like learn the new workflow but i dont see a same tutorial in a new houdini :-/
  3. Hello everyone, I come to you because I have a little trouble understanding a tutorial. Indeed I look at the tutorial "Abstract Effect a Houdini" the problem is that it is a version prior to 17 and since the node "For Each" has changed. So in the Tutorial it does as in the picture 1 to get the picture 2 I block here (picture 3) and there are plenty of node for each and I do not know which to choose. . . I tried several times but I can not get the same result. Do you have any ideas ? Thank you in advance everyone. os: sorry for my english, i use a translator