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  1. Make a mutch smooth camera movement

    thank you all ^^
  2. Make a mutch smooth camera movement

    thank you have you an example for make that ?
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well despite the difficult times. Today I am coming to you for probably simple advice, but I am sure you can help me. I have a camera movement. I'm glad I did it with classic animation keys. But I find that some movements are a bit abrupt. Do you have a simple enough technique to solve this without changing my movement too much? thank you in advance
  4. Camera projection in Houdini

    Hi, i have see this with in a few month ago. I hope he help you to your problème
  5. Thank you ^^ i try to make that with an Null_Master for ilot all the other ^^
  6. Thank i look that ^^
  7. Thank for your post. Have you a visual exemple or files for my learning ? Thank per advance Nodalception
  8. Hello communities, I hope you are well ? And let 3D run on computers !! My concern for the day is quite simple, I am making a layout for a future project. I assure you the movement will be much prettier and better composed thereafter. I impose a limit on doing all of the ship and camera animation in Houdini. Without doing it before in Maya. Currently I use a basic technique which I do not like at all. The simple method of I lock the camera I move in time, I move the camera with the mouse and I key ... Simple but the rendering is not terrible because there are front / rear visually unpleasant. I don't want to put the camera on a spline because it's too linear and soft The Layout test 1 : youtube.com/watch?v=hPxC-DUwXqQ I thought of a draw system with 3 levels one for the translate, one for the rotate, and pivot? Is it achievable? Do you have techniques for me to improve? Thank you very much in advance for your feedback. Nodalception
  9. Hello community ^^ I come to you today for a quick question. I have an INDIE version of Houdini, yesterday I sent a scene to a friend who he and non-commercial. And since he returned the scene I can not open it in INDIE but automatically in non - commercial. Which annoys me a bit because I would not want to have the version limitations and the Watermarks while I paid an INDIE version. Do you have a solution ? thank you in advance
  10. For Each problèm in Houdini 17

    HOOO MY GOD Really thank you for this vidéo. Yes i would like learn the new workflow but i dont see a same tutorial in a new houdini :-/
  11. Hello everyone, I come to you because I have a little trouble understanding a tutorial. Indeed I look at the tutorial "Abstract Effect a Houdini" the problem is that it is a version prior to 17 and since the node "For Each" has changed. So in the Tutorial it does as in the picture 1 to get the picture 2 I block here (picture 3) and there are plenty of node for each and I do not know which to choose. . . I tried several times but I can not get the same result. Do you have any ideas ? Thank you in advance everyone. os: sorry for my english, i use a translator