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  1. yes it does retain every attribute, it shouldn't be a problem
  2. Hey, here's an RnD that I did some time ago, hope it helps - https://www.dropbox.com/s/5c6bdzdg78xrpmo/smoke_attract_RnD.hipnc?dl=0
  3. Animated Noise Attrib Affecting Vellum Sim

    Not sure what exactly you are trying to do but you can surely animated the pinned points and when you are pinning them if you change the pin type to animated your pinned points will react to the animation too instead of just sitting on top of the animation rigidly
  4. Your force is so much that it can't solve it between one frame, increase your substeps and it will be fixed, as far as the boolean is concerned, make sure your geo is water tight and there is no unshared edges before you pass it to boolean also when you are booleaning make sure you have turned detriangulate to no polygons and uncheck the collapse tiny seam adjacent edges.
  5. Make smoke stick to particles

    First thing, if you want to make a twister it will be better to just create a custom velocity field and drive your volumes through that not make a pop sim and then use it as a source for your smoke, i mean of course you can do that but I feel using custom vel field will be much easier plus you get the result with just one sim second thing is in current setup I believe you have temperature in your volume and that's why it's going up and not downwards kill the temperature and try to get the look with just velocity.
  6. Changing color of objects

    you just need to calculate the distance of the scattered sphere from the animated sphere and then you can change colors based on the distance, should be pretty simple with a few lines of vex.
  7. Boolean outside camera area?

    what do you mean by boolean outside camera area? if you are talking about removing all objects that are outside camera frustum then you have to get the camera frustum by some method (using volume or calculating it via vex or vops) and then use it with your geo in the boolean node.
  8. How does constraints work?

    When we are using constraints does the bullet compare the position of the constraints every frame with the world space position of the constraints in the first frame? Specially in the case of hard constraints and soft constraints to make them return to its original position based on stiffness value. What if the position of my constraints are changing per frame will it compare every frame or just to the first frame only?
  9. Rbd subfracturing

    why do you want to use constraints here? You can just subfracture big pieces and activate them in some frame if you want them to be separated from the big ones
  10. Scaling down soft constraints

    Hey guys, I have a mix of glue and soft constraints which switches to soft constraints once the glue breaks, I want to scale down each constraint primitives, I am using a facet node to make unique points then a primitive sop to scale them down (everything before the sim) but then inside the sim once the constraints switch to soft it goes back to its original length (i have restlength 0). I even added a sop solver and tried making the scale to 0 using primitive sop but it's not working either. Can anyone help a bit?
  11. Hi guys, I have a rigid body sim with constraint network, I want to access the previous frame and current frame data of the constraints (impact, forces etc) inside a sop solver in DOPs. Currently when I call the attribute in a wrangle from the relationship geometry node I don't know if it's current frame data or previous frame. How to get both the current and previous frame data in a wrangle in sop solver in dops?
  12. Pyro sim steppy look

    don't judge the look by seeing what you get in the viewport. I don't think you have lights in your file either, try doing a few test renders to see how it looks. For the viewport what you can do is press d while your mouse pointer is over viewport, go to texture, in the 3D texture section limit the resolution to 512 instead of 128, in the HDR texture section, change it to full HDR and see if that makes a difference.

    Use clustering to break the bigger chunks first then make the bigger chunks break into smaller ones, You can do clustering either in constraints or in pieces only.
  14. RBD material constrained to animated geo

    @tielax11 The box is constrainted to the moving ground only, that's why it is moving and breaking, as I said you can't animate the constraints in sop else it won't work that's why I did the moving ground separately from the constrained ground, here's the same file with less complexity to show you that the box is moving because of the ground. constraint_anim_to_dops_fix_2.hipnc
  15. Find collision particle

    @logix1390 There you go mate find_collision particle_ron.hipnc
  16. RBD material constrained to animated geo

    @tielax11 cool, I saw your file and I have made a version for you in the same file using the latest bullet solver node on sop, please check it out The secret is you can't animate the constraint geo in sops you have to put the animated geo separately in dops that isn't constrained. constraint_anim_to_dops_fix.hipnc
  17. RBD material constrained to animated geo

    I don't think, it'll work with an animated ground like that, when the ground moves the constraints will grow longer or shorter in the sop level to make sure they attach both the geo plus if you pass the ground in dops as "animated" it won't be simmed it'll follow it's animation and since the constraints are also growing and shrinking in sops it will do nothing. Also I don't think bullet solver updates constraint animation but I might be wrong. What you can do is try moving the ground like that with initial velocity inside dops or please tell the specific effect you want and I will give it a try and let you know the solution.
  18. particles on a deforming surface

    You can try using ray after a pop sim or you can do it inside pop sim with a signed distance field of the object and using the values to make the pop stick to the object
  19. Wetmaps are not visible

    Hello @digiartist, here's a simple wet map technique for you, I used your file just changed the final wetmap technique, you can ask if you have any doubts. wetmap.hipnc

    RBD material fracture is generally slow, although Sidefx has this new workflow I don't really prefer using this. It's not only about the speed but I feel it's hiding a lot of process that we used to do manually before which gave us a solid understanding of rbd workflow in Houdini and bullet solver. Coming to your problem if it's very slow try using different methods for fracturing, like booleans (rbd material fracture node also uses boolean under the hood in combination with voronoi) or use voronoi and try getting edge details using different methods, these should bring be helpful, also another thing that you can do is cache out the fractured geo in clusters or groups which is really helpful. Overall I don't like rbd material fracture node just because of this reason, if you want a lot of pieces it's extremely slow in home computers.
  21. Volume Source as Collision

    make sure that your v is going into the sim by the name collisionvel and the gradient is the value that vdbs have in them you need to put the value of collision as -1 in the volumesource node
  22. Hey guys I have a destruction simulation here and I want the smoke to collide with the debris, so i turned by pieces into vdb (as you can see in the first picture) and put it into fluid sim but it looks weird (as you can see in the second picture), half of the pieces are missing. This never happened in houdini 16.5 but from the 17 version i am having this issue, is there anything new that i am missing? I have also scaled the density to -1 because i am using vdb.
  23. Hi, I am doing a smoke sim. The sim is too large and so I can't simulate the entire sim in one go. I had checked the checkpoint option and gave a valid path to save the checkpoints files then simed half of the simulation and had closed houdini. I want to sim the rest of the simulation but where do I put the .sim files that are generated by the checkpoint so that the sim runs from a certain frame and not from frame 1 all over again?
  24. How to reload .sim files

    Here's the problem, I am putting the last sim file in the initial state of the DOP network and it's even starting from that last frame but after 5 frames it's starting all over again.