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  1. Hallo everyone, i am new here. I have searched for a solution to this problem, but cant find one. I want to transfer a point-attribute from a polysurface with uvs into COPS. Just like it works with heightfields and the "Sop Import"-node. I read that the qLib "uvPointCloud ql" would be the solution for this, but the node does not work for me. There is a warning that the "ray_ql1"-node inside is using an incomplete asset definition? UPDATE: Solved the issue with the "ray_ql1" node by importing the asset manually from the qLib-folder, but still could not get it to work unfortunately. Also found out that i could convert the polySurface into a volume and then get the colors from there into cops with "Sop Import"-node i guess, but not sure how to go about making the volume with the inherited color-attribute? thanks, Marcus