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  1. Modeler 2021 Released!

    Modeler is a game changer for general modeling in Houdini. Alexey really understands what modelers need in terms of workflows. I think an important subset of procedural modeling is NON-procedural modeling. These are basic tools that can be used every day. The Pen tool is the best I have seen in any program ever. It is amazing what Alexey has done with the new modeler. It's essentially a totally different modeling program that lives on top of Houdini. Yet you can still be as procedural as you want in the network editor. If you are interested in modeling in Houdini you should pick this up. Well worth the money.
  2. Align Tool for Houdini

    Is this Python 3 compatible?
  3. This is interesting.. I am interested in scaling Edge Rings from the middle of each edge of the edge ring. This would be a very useful modelling tool. Can this code be adapted to run over each edge of an edge ring and scale it by an amount that could be controlled by a slider? Thanks
  4. H18 - Problem Panning with Wacom

    Nice Catch Jiri Miratsky ! That worked for me. Usually I would want Window Ink Off because of other behaviors associated with Window's Ink. I didn't realize that it turned off Pressure Sensitivity in Houdini. Not good. Thanks for this tip!