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  1. Hi I am creating a HDA and I want to set the values of a detail attribute (an array) on an attribute create node. I am trying to do this in the python module of the HDA. In sop level, in a python node I can set an array fine, but in the python module of the HDA it errors. GeometryPermissionError: Geometry is read-only. I feel i am just missing something really simple, but can't get my head around it. I can find heaps of threads about this relating to the python sop, but not much for the python module window. I would be fine to do it all from the python sop, but I am pulling in the array from the interwebs and I want to try to chuck the HDA in unreal/unity. Any help would be greatly appreciated. def mybutton(kwargs): node = kwargs['node'] #works fine node.node("line").parm("points").set(5) testlist = [1,2,3,4,5] #works fine reading the empty array created in the below node anarray = node.node("attribcreate1").geometry().findGlobalAttrib("myArray") print(anarray) #throws read only error node.node("attribcreate1").geometry().setGlobalAttribValue("myArray", testlist)
  2. Hi guys I have been doing some displacement and bump mapping renders both have been coming out quite nicely, thanks to all the info i have found on this forum, But i have hit a brick wall in regards to using both displacement and bump mapping on the one model. when i use vray i usually use a displacement map for the large forms and bump mapping for the little details, gives a nice render at a reasonable time. was hoping to do this in houdini but am struggling a bit. does anyone know of a method for this? or if someone has a link to a thread that would be awesome. thanks again to all the people who post here, this site is a goldmine for information, esp for people like me who don't physcially know anyone who uses houdini.
  3. follow spline

    thanks edward, It was already on zero but you showed me the paramter above it something about an up vector, aparaently if i put this value to 1 in the z channel and not the y channel which it was in, everything fixes itself, don't suppose anyone knows why this works or should i just be quiet and be happy that it works
  4. follow spline

    hi all, I have been having a little trouble with the follow path option in houdini, I am getting some areas where there is some random flipping of the following object, have tried different types of splins and adding normals of different lengths, the only way i can get the flipping to stop is if i use a polygon spline with a low vert count, but that is not really what i am after, I have attached a file if anyone wants to take a look, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks follow_splines.hipnc
  5. looking cool so far, is it animatable
  6. Neat, might give this a go, originaly thought that it was a copy of the gnomon rbd dvd, but looks like good stuff, cheap too
  7. 3dbuzz Reloaded

    the best thing about the 3d buzz stuff is that they are heaps good at getting people into the houdini way of thinking, their tutorials may have been beginner stuff but they really show the possibilities of the software, and I think that is one of the best things, just my personal opinion but i think most people coming into houdini already know some type of animation software, and they really just need to get their heads adjusted to a different type of thinking, and 3dbuzz is very good at that
  8. Icky Meat / Gore / Viscera Testing

    this is so freakin cool i love it
  9. Snowy Spruce

    This is looking way cool, tnx for scene file, can-t wait to have a look how you did this when i get home from work
  10. Procedural Library

    Thanks heaps for the hip SYmek, and thanks rdg for the link, i know what i'm going to be doing tonight instead of sleeping, I did not expect this really useful help so fast. will post results, and 21 million other questions as soon as i can
  11. Hi all i'm currently i've been looking at the procedural forest tutorial and while i was watching it, it gave me an idea of a little scene that i have wanted to put two of my characters in, its just a library but i wanted it to be rather large, so i was thinking that instead of using the copy function for the trees i could use it for books to make a procedural book generator. so far i haven't had too much trouble with the proof of concept that i have been playing with, i can get the books to scatter nicely in a row with random sizes and all, but where i hit the wall is that the books have a tenancy to intersect each other. I have been looking around here and in the help files and i can see that in the COPYSOP that there are local variables (XMIN, XMAX, and such) that give me the info i need so that the books won't intersect each other and just rest nicely against each other like a well populated bookshelf should, but my retarded, non procedural 3dmax brain cannot join the dots. If anyone could just nudge me in right direction, it would be a great help. I will try to post a hip as soon as i can in case all of this rambling does not make any sence. Cheers Paul