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  1. TOPS: export flipbook

    Thanks @paranoidx!
  2. Hi everyone, Is it possible to reorder easily a Multiparm Block list?(without deleting and recreating the exact value) I would love to swipe the order easily if I have many number of item. (ex: swipe the first and the second item on my reference) Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, I have to create a smoke effect for a huge format (over 8k) which seems impossible to work with because of the voxel quantity (over 100 millions). At the end, I'm not even sure the resolution will be high enough and working(and simulation at hi res) at this size is time consuming and difficult to do quick iteration at the end. For exemple, I want to create a giant Cloud moving slowly (at this huge format). How will you guys approach this problem? I thought about doing a simulation of particle and instancing small clouds volume on it... I use redshift, not sure if its possible with that. Let me know what you think
  4. Oh wow! That works perfectly! Thanks for all the explanations!
  5. Hi everyone, With VEX, I try to rotate a point around the closest point of a curve. It seems to work for the rotation but the axis is off! I have no idea how to fix that. here is the file Vex_pointRotateAroundCurveAxis.hiplc
  6. Omg! I never use addpoint that way!! Cool I'll play with that. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, is there a vex function that can return an array of all the attributes name store on a point? For exemple, I want to transfer all the attributes to a new point, but the attributes can be different from each situation. Is there a way to store in a array the attributes name so after that I can loop over the array and setpointattrib. I know I can do something similar with the attribute transfer node, but I'll prefer something compatible with Compile Sop. Thanks guys!
  8. Hey @anim, yeah that makes more sense to use that! Thanks
  9. Hey @jamesr, It's usually what I do but it didn't work correctly when the active attribute was 0 at the beginning... but looking at your file, I have found the problem in my file. The "initial object type" need to be "create deforming static object", mine was at "create active objects". Now that works and it's way simpler. Thanks man!!
  10. Good to know! Thanks again @catchyid! I appreciate it
  11. Thanks @catchyid The thing I want to do is to have a start @v, only at the frame when the pack object is set to active (dont want to have that constant movement and bypass all the physics). I don't quite understand how to set the targetv, airrest, etc. but I have found something that fix my problem but I'm not sure if it's the right workflow. Basically I store a random time to @active my object. I also store a custom attribute v@storeV. Inside the DOP, I connect a SOP solver to the rigid body solver. Here is the script to activate the v@storeV at the right time. if(@Frame == i@frameAct) v@v = v@storeV; So basically, the Sop solver help me to reach the data at the right time Here is the file, it might be easier to look at it. Let me know if it makes sense Cheers dop_ActiveAndVelocity.hiplc
  12. Hi everyone, I need your help with a simple question in DOP with "rigid body solver" and "rbd packed object". In the sop level, I have set i@active attribute at different time for each packed object. It works well. (each object start to fall at the specific frame I want) The problem is that I have also set at specific @v for each packed object and because the i@active is not set at the first frame, the v@v doesnt work when the packed object is set to active. I have tried to included @v "override attributes from SOP" in "rbd packed object", but the result is a constant movement in velocity (override gravity or any other effect in DOP). Thanks guys
  13. Hey @Neon Junkyard, Thanks for the great answer! It is really clear and make a lot of sense!! Have a great day!
  14. Hi everyone, For the people who freelance, what do you do with your personal HDA when you have to work with small studio? For exemple, I have built multiple HDA to speed up my workflow, but if I work with a client and use them. At the end of the day, the client will own also my HDA I have developed. (not only the product) Is there a way to lock the HDA or I have to deal with the fact that if I work with a client that needs my file, he will also own that. Let me know what are your thoughts on that. I know that with big studio, you have to deal with the studio HDA but with smaller client that doesn't have a robust houdini team, how do you deal with that. Thanks
  15. Python: Delete node

    Yeah that works Thanks @acey195