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  1. hi. how to assign an id to primitives ? so to assign multimaterial to its parts , any tutorial ? cant find tutorial regarding mat and face id workflows in houdini i need to have voronoi piece inside and outside groups have different materials , how to do that ?
  2. Hi! I have dop shattered box in maya imported with houdini engine , how can I bake animation in maya ?
  3. Hi. Can houdini engine for maya send animations into maya?, all kinds of animations , keyframe , dop , etc.. Will it update animation in maya viewport if change animation in houdini and save file ?
  4. Hi ! Vellum mostly was presented as tissue solver rather than common tool for soft body creation. how to streamline that, what is best for what ? some people do soft bodies (not cloth but soft shape(any)) with vellum , that creates confusion. I see FEM is for anything soft/deformable except cloth/tissue in general , so I would do pillow with vellum rather than with FEM and vellum is for anything that is textile/tissue. Is that correct ?
  5. Ok , so I would like to see less tools but with more functionality inside, no one needs additional nodes if it can be avoided. you've mentioned infinite stiffness , which are infinite stiff materials? PS I thought vellum is also producing resolution independent solve since 18: "In Houdini 18 vellum improves resolution and scale independence, more robustness, sliding surface constraints, and other constraint improvements." tha't like above is from "what's new in houdini 18".
  6. ideally there is no point to have fem in that case ... to have something big that stays apart from other tools , you have to have reason for that , because you will have to support that tools. If you can do all types of softbodies with both FEM and vellum , what is the reason of keeping FEM alive. just add that minor functionality to vellum and kill fem , it will save you lot time in future by not spending time to its development
  7. I know vellum is faster , but can vellum do anything that FEM does from technical point of view?
  8. liquid steel

    definately not with pyro and not with pops , molten steel is a liquid anyway so flip is obviously the best way to do that , It will be hard and slow to create such splashes , will take time. so good luck and hasta la vista, baby !
  9. It's very well done haggi , thank you !
  10. Hi! Why transfering integer 0 into dopimport not stopping simulation ? attribute spreadsheet shows 0 but simulation still active , what is wrong ? I'm trying to do bounding box activator for simulation , when sphere enters simulation it starts to make points active. simple.hipnc
  11. what tha hell is wrong with my version then ...((( Im changing ramp and density stays same without changes , I have to rename ramp name to have changes updated in viewport.. damn .
  12. Hi! My goal is to have control over volume density with ramp that is 45degree rotated , so to have ability set higher density at areas near corner of the object. I will upload scene file and screenshot , I was trying all day today but without success , I had managed what I wanted but it was done without ramp control , I need ramp control and ramp rotation ability. If you can tell me how to do that without opening that file it is also greatly appreciated , I uploaded scene in case you want to look inside my beginner skills.. thank you in advance ! test.hipnc
  13. that is amazing and what I was expecting, we have rotation control , now the thing here is to control the density with ramp. you named second ramp node "density_" , but it has no affect on density of volume . P.S I thought it has no affect to ramp but looks like it's a bug , I'm changinf density in name parrameter and it works so you have to change a name and get it back again in order to see changes in density ramp , I need to report it I guess. Does your houdini version density ramp updates instantly while changing ramp curve ? thank you for your file it solves my task, bless you!
  14. any chance to do that without including additional object like line? I mean just with ramp node in VOPs and rotate it after custom ramp is done. (I need a custom ramp) The thing is I want ramp over density control becasue it's not 100% gradient from 0 to 1 , I need 1 density till the center of a box and then from center to peak corner it increases to 2 lets say again thank you for help.
  15. vex vex vex )))) hate it , I mean I'm sure something is possible to do in VOPs without going deeper into coding VOP has tons of nodes and ramp node but I can't and I'm fighting that goal all day today. Thank you a lot for file anyway! meanwhile , I will try VOPs again .. ph... my head is cracking by pieces. I'm new at H so not surprised I'm having a bad day with it )
  16. My reaction was like that because his reaction was informal and rude , but in same time I understand he's right. I know small pieces are because of a points close to each other , they have to be separated equally to have equally generated fractures. I resolved that issue but not touching point separation in scatter, the problem was points that goes outside the box boundary if you have points that goes outside and you generate voronoi with it , it will cause small tiny pieces... But ok, I think the best way to generate more points in areas you want is to generate/create more volume density in those areas some kind of (density gradient) with more density in area when more points required to generate more fractures. does that easily doable with volume vops? thank you for help
  17. Hi ! The main purpose is to create object with fractures but fractures should be more denser at certain area , in my case box corner. to achieve that I used 2 vdbs with different densities and combine them , then I scattered points inside volume and got what I needed. then put inside DOP and create sim , but the areas with smaller fractures are too small. I know I can decrease point amount in that certain area but it creates that small tiny pieces anyway , those pieces are moving very fast with impulse node , I applied drag force but I would rather prefer to have bigger pieces than applying drag. what can I do to avoid tiny fractures in voronoi sop ? image1 - smaller pieces in corner area , that's good and what I was looking for , but image 2 shows that It also produces very tiny pieces, which is not good for my purpose. i want smaller pieces to be just little bit smaller, like those ones which are moving slightly upwards on image 2 , not like those ones that are launching like a bullets (inside green rectangle)
  18. let me ask you what tha f..k you didn't understand from nodal tree screenshot, it's simple as hell .... )))) you're right , I had to upload file , but as problem is solved no need to do that anymore. I myself don't like people who hiding their files like chicken their eggs , I agree with you. thank you for file, but it was different , labs tool delete small parts is not doing anything...
  19. v@myvec = @N*rand(@N); @P=@P + @myvec * ch("my"); it's work but not along splines , it's close to that but somewhere I'm confused beginner in vex so I need some help . imagine peak node but randomized in (along vector) movement . Thank you !
  20. how to randomize peak node ?

    above code not works , thanks anyway , it was solved , what I wanted was @P += @N*float(rand(@ptnum))*chf("controller");
  21. Thank you kleer001 and Midasssilver for your responses it was max problem , no such issues in maya
  22. Hi ! I have an issue with alembic export from houdini to max , uploaded image. what is wrong with that ? anyone had same issue ? in which format export dop animation from Houdini to max , still all hopes on alembic maybe I'm doing something wrong .