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  1. Is it possible to use Gas Up Res with Minimal Solve?

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to the GPU evolution!
  2. I found that volunteers are making a Houdini18 version of GasUpRes. Sparse Pyro Upres, the easy way - part1 (Vimeo) Sparse Pyro Upres solver for H18+ [hipfile] (Vimeo) So, is it possible to make GasUpRes with minimal solve in Houdini 18.5 version as well as these? Thanks!
  3. I am wondering how to use File Remove TOP. I have created multiple simulations using Wedge TOP. The simulations have dependencies on each other. For example, the second and third simulations are dependent on each other, but the second and fourth are not. What I want to do is to delete part of the previous cache when that simulation is complete. Example process The first simulation & cache The second simulation & cache Removing 901-930 frames in the first simulation cache from disk 3rd Simulation & Cache Removing the 931-960 frames in the second cache from disk Thanks!
  4. How to build this HDK

    Thank you! It worked properly on Windows 10.
  5. ACM Transactions on Graphics "Generalized non-reflecting boundaries for fluid re-simulation" How do I build the HDK for this paper? website: http://alas.dk/publications/2016/GNRBfFRS/ Download HDK Source Code: http://pub.ist.ac.at/group_wojtan/projects/2016_Bojsen-Hansen_GNRBfFRS/2016_Bojsen-Hansen_GNRBfFRS.zip I tried halfway through with Visual Studio 2015 and it looked like I could build with Houdini 17.0, but I got so many errors with Houdini 18. I'm a beginner in programming, but I'm very interested in the HDK for this paper and would like to install it on Houdini. Thank you.
  6. How to rotate a vector to make it tangent

    Thank you very much. I was able to create the vector that I wanted.
  7. I created @v, which is a random vector in sphere. How do I rotate this vector to make it tangent to the sphere? Thanks! rotate_vector.hiplc