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  1. Carve Line by UV Attribute (not parametric uvs)

    please take a look at the attached file. one example is using primuvconvert() to cut by distance the other is using an attribute. i didn’t do much testing but it should be relatively fast. hth. petz cut_curve.hipnc
  2. thanks, you're welcome!
  3. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    isn't doing dissolveFlatEdges a completely different thing, or did i misunderstood the original question? if you'd like to just remove “flat edges” you could also use cusp polygons in a facet sop followed by a divide sop. it might also be faster ...
  4. Carve Line by UV Attribute (not parametric uvs)

    there's also the primuvconvert() function in vex which can be used to carve/cut curves by absolute length.
  5. How find "Cracked Edge" ?

    here's another one. it's not extensively tested but should work quite well. hth. petz clean_geo.hipnc
  6. xyzdist function check

    did you have a look at the file i've attached above? it doesn't use loops but ad hoc groups in the xyzdist() function as well as a max search radius to speed up the search. even though xyzdist() is slower when using groups it shouldn't take ages for 100000 lines ...
  7. xyzdist function check

    you can exclude the current prim in the xyzdist() function by using groups. i've attached an example. hth. petz xyzdist_1.hipnc
  8. it's easy, just reference the original geo. split_curve1.hipnc hth. petz
  9. here's another one: split_curve.hipnc
  10. Fitting a mesh between curves / Bilinear interpolation?

    the attached file shoud do the trick. hth. petz blerp_1.hiplc
  11. Find nearest point once

    not sure if that's what you're after but take a look at the attached file ... connect_points_unique.hipnc
  12. "Make circle" SOP?

    please take a look at the attached file. i've slightly modified the old example and now it should work without problems. hth, petz human1.hiplc
  13. Python: Loop delete geometry

    there are a number of different ways how you could do this. for high polycount meshes, however, python might be fairly slow ... please take a look at the attached file. hth. petz landscape_slice_export_1.hiplc
  14. Heightfield Isolines?

    here's another one which might be faster by avoiding the foreachLoop. hth. petz isolines.hipnc
  15. water drops on bottle

    1) the chopnet is used to procedurally adjust the “flowing” speed of the animated point (droplet). on flatter areas it simply gets slowed down. 2a) the curve (following the animated point) uses pscale as an attribute for fading out the size of droplets towards the tail of the curve. 2b) it’s used to delete all points which distance to the curve is above a given threshold 2c) xyzdist() returns the closest position on the prim in parametric coordinates (primuv). in our case it’s a curve and so it returns just one useful value which is u. in other words, it’s the position along the curve. hth. petz