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  1. Whitewater spray- pop replicate on velocity

    Oh I see, thank you! I should have specified before im looking not to resim my particles so am trying to replicate these after my whitewater cache in SOPs? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Im having trouble using the popreplicate on an extra whitewater spray cache. I want to replicate based on v but It will not generate any points even if I crank it. The particles are cached and I have all the attributes in there including velocity but still cannot get it to replicate any particles based on their velocity? Cheers
  3. RBD Material Fracture with glue and "active/passive"

    Ahh I see my attribute wrangle was running over points instead of primitives when defining my glue. Eeesh that took a while... I am still wondering however to use the constraint setup within the RBD Material Fracture.
  4. Hi guys, How do I hook up the glue constraints with RBD Material Fracture? I can't seem to find much on this. I have set my passive objects and they are passive as expected, and then as a workaround Ive used the Glue Adjacent pieces tool, but that doesn't seem to be working as well. Im sure it's basic stuff however finding it hard to get these glue constraints working with either the Material Fracture or regular Glue Adjacent pieces. test.hiplc