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  1. Distributed Simulation with Deadline

    UPDATE: I re-made the scene and all seems to be well now, slices are working well together and started increasing number of slices and sim resolution with good results. Going to talk with farm technicians today or tomorrow to try and better understand all this will update with anything interesting. I will also post a reply summarising my experience here and what I learnt to help someone that sees this post in the future.
  2. Distributed Simulation with Deadline

    UPDATE: I now have the slices rendering through deadline. Turns out, the deadline monitor shows the slices as frames, but actually renders the whole sequence per slice. The files weren't showing as they were saving to the farms temp storage as the default file location is $HIP/geo and the Houdini file was being submitted to the farm. To change this I just changed the output location to be local, $JOB/<scenename>/geo. I am now having the issue that the frames are rendering separate from each slice, rather than slice.1.001, slice.2.001, slice.1.002, slice.2.002, they are rendering non-dependent on one another, slice.1.001, slice.1.002, slice.2.001, slice.2.001, slice.1.003, slice.2.003 etc. On top of this the sim is very chaotic showing that the different slices dont seem to be communicating to one another. I have checked on FLIP Solver and "Distributed Pressure Solve" is enabled. Thanks, Stafford
  3. Distributed Simulation with Deadline

    Hey all, I have a large scale FLIP sim which I wish to distribute into slices and submit to a render farm using deadline. Following documentation from thinkbox and sidefx I have set-up a sliced sim ready for render however when submitting to deadline only 4 files are submitted (1 for each slice) and fail usually fail to complete with no file being outputted. The Documentation from thinkbox reads as follows: "The Houdini submitter allows you to submit a job that will run a distributed simulation. In order to submit a simulation job you will have to first set up your fluid simulation. Once you have your simulation set up, click the Distribute tool found on the Wire, Cloth, or Particle fluids tab, select the item you wish to distribute and then press enter. This will create 3 new nodes, the specific node that controls the simulation will be sent to Deadline as the new distributedsim node in the /out tree. This node defines how many slices your simulation will have. Once you have the distributed sim node set up, submit it to Deadline using the regular Deadline in-app submitter. Additional information for setting up distributed submissions and the properties defined in the nodes can be found in the Houdini Documentation." Implying that there is no additional setup needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stafford