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  1. Beginner's question: centroid vs $CEX vs bbox

    Hi Dominik! Thank you for your reply! 1) Very clear! 3) Here is what I found in the documentation: Parameter value box = channel; Right? Aren't channels specifically related to animation? Is channel just a value that is bound to a keyframe? 4) Where should I look for that kind of information, if I want to start defining parts of a code? Is it a waste of my time and should I just memorize each code as it is? ...I do not understand what you mean by "use 0, 1, 2" 5) Is there somewhere a full list of global variables? Found one here but it doesn't seem to be complete... At least I can't find the one we discussed... Sorry for deluging you with questions...
  2. Hello! I am new to coding. I assume my problem is that I don't fully understand Hscript's syntax and also I seem to struggle with explanation provided by official documentation. 1) First, just to make it clear, does "returns" mean: This function "gives/provides/sends"? 2) By "centroid information" it implies world coordinates of the object's centroid? 3) And by "surface node" it implies individual parameter cell where I write in my values? (btw how should I properly call those "cells/windows", are those parameter channels? confused...) 4) centroid type D_Z, what does "D" stand for? a. I placed a box and move it -4 in Z direction; b. I created Transform node and wrote centroid function in Z translate parameter cell: centroid("../box1", D_Z) = -4; c. -4-4=-8...; d. Oh... Ok... So when I put (-) before this function it looks like that -(-4) = +4 Which translates box into the world center. It means that I kind off answered to the first 3 questions myself. Right? : D 5) What is the difference between centroid and $CEZ? Why would I use one over the other? What are those "Global variables" and how do they differ from "Expression functions"? 6) Is bbox type D_ZSIZE just the distance value between D_ZMIN and D_ZMAX? Thank you!