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  1. Animate the assembly of an object

    Thanks for the response kleer, that's what I was thinking too i.e. to start from the assembled product and work backwards. I am quite new to houdini and I don't really know how to have geometry that is animated with keyframes which will also have dynamic collisions. I attached a hip file illustrating the problem. Basically I animated the cubes and I would like them to interact with each other before reaching the final position. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Stefan collision_examples.hip
  2. Animate the assembly of an object

    Did you find any other info on this, I am interested as well. Would like to have a bunch of objects lying on a table and the assemble into the final object but with collisions enabled (similar to the new Houdini 18 Solaris physically based USD layout). Thanks, Stefan!
  3. Slow Motion Sim (Via Substeps) Flip Fluid is Flickering

    Hi, I am encountering a similar problem with a milk sim that I am trying to create. Did you find any solutions in the meantime?