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  1. Happy Birthday Jason

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!!! Remember dip the fish into the soy sauce, not the rice! He he! /jimmyb
  2. Cool mantra GI renders?

    After all the posts I thought I'll give the new GI tools a try. Just a wip/test image. I might spruce it up later on. Took about 20min to render with fresnal+blurred reflections and full irradiance gi -128 samples. cheers. /jim
  3. POPS expression question.

    nevermid! I figured it out......a lot easier than I thought.
  4. POPS expression question.

    Is there a way to make a particle drop or be put in a group based on an angle of another object. Say that a particle is resting or has droped on a grid, than the grid rotates 50 degrees on X, then based on that the particle drop if its more than 50 degrees. Does that make sense? Hmmm. Thanks for any help!!
  5. Does anyone know how make a subsurface type shader in VOPS? I was thinking of some way take a fresnal and Luminance VOP, and plugging them into the Point Position of the shader. There's a few neat Rman tutorials that use depth map/Zdepth to fake it.......... http://zj.deathfall.com/trans.htm Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Vex shading?

    Is there a sampler info node (maya) equivalent in VEX/VOPS? cheers.
  7. Scaling individual particles based on age

    never mind.....figured it out! thanks
  8. Scaling individual particles based on age

    cool idea, How did you add a spare channel and and a curve to it? Do you have a hip file? thanks
  9. Area lights in Houdini?

    ok another question for you guys. I've been using the vex blur Shadow shop for a while, but it's very very slow. Comparing it to maya's raytraced shadows and XSI's, Houdini's is quiet slow. Is there a way to optimize the render times with that shadow shop - there probobly is. I'm just not sure how. Any help would be super!!!
  10. Particular type of reflection

    miguel m, Is it possible to supply the reflection hip file again? It seems like it's a broken link, and I would love to check it out and see how it was made! Thanks a bunch!
  11. Area lights in Houdini?

    yeah the blurred shadow is part of it, but that doesn't produce the realistic physical attributes of soft boxes (i.e. Area Lights). But, if Houdini implements area lights in V6 that would be really sweet!
  12. Area lights in Houdini?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is any way to create an area light in Houdini. Perhaps a script or something that might be out there. It seems weird that there is no such feature even in versoin 5.5. Perhaps in 6? Area lights would look great with specular reflections (shiny car paint surfaces). thanks
  13. Digital Domain is hiring!

    Oh, ofcoarse not. I would definelty not ask that as my first question! I just want to know what sort of salaries LA cg 3d artists usuallly recieve. I've worked in NYC and Canada, and just wanted to know know what would be a reasonable salary in the LA area for people with Houdini experience. thanks
  14. Digital Domain is hiring!

    hello, Just wondering. What kind of salaries does Digital Domain give for Houdini Artists? Ball park area is fine. thanks
  15. can ATI RADEON 9700 Series supports Houdnini? Help

    hello Tekknokid My config is: P4, WIN2000 pro, 1gig ddr ram, and a Radeon 9700 pro graphics card Service pack 3 and the latest Ati 9700 pro CATALYST 3.0 drivers. It's painfully slow. I can't believe a $600 card can suck so much at openGL. any suggestions!