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  1. hi, If you check this website www.gumtree.com you can find a lot of rooms which are on offer for students. Although make sure not to transfer any money before you check the property Winton ,Charminster and Wallisdown road are some of the areas where you can find many rooms and are quite near to the university. hth http://www.gumtree.com/double-room-flatshare/bournemouth
  2. Hi, I have seen a tutorial but can't remember it anymore where to find this. What's the best way to randomising point normals and controlling their direction and using there radomisation to feed particle as velocity. I will be thankful if someone remember in which tutorial I can find this info or posting a simple file which I can check out. Actually what I am looking for is to have full (procedural control) over the normals direction and randomizing the values in some way to be used as velocity force to push particles out in the direction to get some sort of sand splash setup. I tried the point sop to generate normals but not having much luck randomising and to have full control over their direction. Thanksalot.
  3. Hi, Please excuse/ignore if this has been posted earlier but I found this tutorial and found it intresting so thought to share the link here.Intrestingly I found this link from a webpage written in korean (http://blog.naver.com/xanix), some how I managed to find this link on his website. Anyways here is the actual tutorial link. http://houdini.dreamerzstudio.net/?page_id=3
  4. generalist showreel and tools

    very nice reel! liked the tools very much keep up the good work.
  5. Shading Documentation

    HI, Thanks for the great doc,would be great if you put it down to somewhere central like google docs and put some of your info on the front page such as email address and web url so that the next time a new version can be check periodically over your website or in the google docs. As atleat I will be looking forward to the next version of this and finding it in the forum would be a bit hard to combine all the bits and pieces. Thanksalot for this.
  6. how can be done these effects??

    The second one was done as a group project at Bournemouth University as a student project , as far as I remember they heavily used Chops for this project and particles, but may be you should try contacting Coen Kloster on this forum and he will be able to tell you the exact technique. or you can go here and read this blog for it : http://connexmade.blogspot.com/
  7. Intresting Water stuff

    Sorry about that there you go. http://www.flylyf.com/florian-witzels-making-of-videos/
  8. Hi, One of my Colleague shared this link with me . http://www.flylyf.com/florian-witzels-maki...f-videos/.Looks pretty interesting....
  9. TD-College Releases New Houdini Course!

    Course outline looks cool. Can we have some Sneak preview for such courses , it will be a good idea to have one so that people can judge for what they are paying for. Thanks
  10. Cmivfx pythong course any reviews?

    Thanks for quick feedback.
  11. Hello Did any body take the cmi vfx python course any reviews on it like " It make me from zero to hero " kind of thing please share
  12. Cutter Question

    hey it worked thanks alot Display "untitled' 'framebuffer' 'rgb'
  13. Cutter Question

    _ [11] 6.0:38AM __________ RENDER COMPLETED: but nothing pops up to show me my image.
  14. Cutter Question

    i cud be env variable problems also that i dont know how to set ?are there any video tutorial or tutorial to sort this issue out have be trying it for a day
  15. Cutter Question

    both of them dont work i use prman and 3deligt