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  1. Dembones

    Hey all, I have been trying to export RBD simulated geo using Dembones with mixed results. Sometimes it exports, some times it does not. Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?
  2. Vat fluid error in Unity

    Hey all, I have not been able to properly export out vat fluid textures for use in Unity 2018.3.7f1. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar. I am not ruling out user error. I attached a screen capture of what my Unity scene looks like. The white should be a solid mesh. Also attached is the Houdini file. Fountain_01.hip
  3. Merging 2 UV sets to 1

    Never mind, problem solved, I hadn't realized there was a lightmap UV set.
  4. Merging 2 UV sets to 1

    Hey all, I have a question regarding merging UV sets. I have an initial object imported into Houdini that was created in Maya and finally exported from Unity with a single UV set. The object was animated by one of our designers in Unity, exported to Houdini to be fractured and RBD simulated. The problem I am running into is during the UV portion of the process. When I UV the inside faces I end up with an additional UV set. Is there a recommend workflow to merge UV sets or not create the second UV set altogether? The UV nodes I am using after the material fracture are uvunwrap, uvtransform and finally uvlayout. I am only applying these to the inside group from the material fracture. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  5. Keyframe and RBD simulated object issue

    Dominik and Victor, I understand what each of you did, so thank you both! I should have no trouble repeating what you both suggested for all sorts of things. Dominik, thanks for the advice of keeping animation inside the network, I will consider that for future simulations. Victor, thank you for the extra step of hooking up the group. That was going to be the next thing I was about to look into. Mike
  6. Hey all, I am fairly new to Houdini and have a scene with a problem I cant wrap my head around. FracturedColumn.hip I have a fractured cylinder that starts off keyframe animated ending up activated in a RBD simulation around frame 40. The problem I am having is the simulation is ignoring that the object was animated, and the simulation is happening sideways with none of the velocity provided by the animation. While it looks quite interesting, it is not what I am looking for. Any insight as to what it is I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. Mike