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  1. Solver in Cops

    Hi there, I am building an infection solver in uv space using a vop generator network. I now need a way to run operations successively like in a solver sop and I am unsure how to go about this. I could take my data into dops and then back out again but I don't know how I would go about this as the dops data flow still has me a bit boggled. This video seems to do it. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks
  2. Caching out Water Simulations

    Hi mate In your fluid surface node you're converting your particles to polygons. If you want to use polygons then use .bgeo.sc If you want to use VDB's then switch the output mode to surface VDB
  3. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    fair enough that was just my guess at why it was playing up
  4. Issue with playback simulation on low ram (32gb) pc

    Hi thanks for the quick reply My issue is that when I do cache out my sim as a bgeo.sc, it only caches out the first frame I load So if I first view my scene on frame 1030 and then cache out the sequence, it will save out many copies of frame 1030 I know the data is there though as when I just playback the .sim with a file sop then the whole sequence is there, the issue lies in the playback simulation feature. Thanks:)
  5. Hi Guys I have a fairly high res flip sim (by student standards, about 3 gig per frame) and I needed to cache it out as a .sim to utilise checkpoints I need to read this simulation in using playback simulation on the dopnet and a dop IO node with the flip presets in order to pull in the velocity fields for a whitewater sim, however when I do this the computer gets stuck on the first frame I load in. My only current solution is to go through every frame, unticking and reticking the playback simulation button which would take me 2 minutes of load time per frame for 432 frames. An alternative I've considered is the Houdini python module however I am not familiar with this and don't know if the required functions exist. Please could someone with more knowledge on this tell me if this is possible in the python module or whether there is an alternate solution such as a way to pull velocity fields from a .sim cache Thanks George