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  1. Starcraft Growth Project

    Nice effects, despite problems you have, I like it very much. About veins, nice challenge: you could project curves on the final grown object and use an attribute transfer from growing mesh to the curves, so they enlarge themselves (a @pscale attribute driven by color and you have polywire reading @pscale) while the all thing is growing, well, that's in theory. There are some flaws in that, of couse, but it could be a starting point. The fact is I found the idea of growing veins to be very cool, so I think I'll explore it as exercise, I'll share if I'll have something useful, but don't expect nothing soon as I'm very busy at the moment.
  2. Stereoscopic cameras from scratch

    @mestela, thank you for the link, I'll have a look before rendering. @henderthing, thank you for your sharing, but a) I'm not that good and I'm using Cinema 4D and Octane, I'm not sure if they have all that control you have with Houdini (of course you have more control inside Houdini, that's one of many reasons we chose it! ), but I think that rendering another sequence for the other eye and fading the two sequences in post with some blurred mask will work. I hope.
  3. Stereoscopic cameras from scratch

    Hi Matt, thank you very much for your answer, so no I can be more sure about my result. Only one question, if I can: what do you mean with "apart from the usual reducing stereo towards the top and bottom"? Do you do something about top and bottom part of the image? Thank you.
  4. Stereoscopic cameras from scratch

    Hello everybody, I need to render a stereoscopic 360 animation with C4D/Octane. Now, to make the story short, we have already rendered the monoscopic/normal sequence and we are gonna to render the stereo one, but I was wondering if it was possible to use the already rendered sequence as left eye and rendering a new sequence for right eye just shifting the camera. I know it's not the same especially for subjects close to the camera, but actually we can live with that as we have very few scenes that could need a proper stereo render. Houdini gives a value of 0.075 as interaxial distance, so I'm using that for the moment with a camera parallel to the previous one. Do you think it's enough to shift the camera or I should take in consideration also other parameters? Thank you a lot in advance.
  5. Houdini 16.5 - Fluid NarrowBand simulation

    Igor, congratulations! All sims are nice and they are the reason I can't wait to test narrow band. Thank you for sharing. P.S. More details like workstation, sim time, render time, values, sharing tips?
  6. Houdini simulation in a Web Browser

    So nice! Just go on and update us!
  7. Hello, problem how can I use the imported vertex color of cached particles in Houdini with a cloner in Cinema 4D? Story I simulated and cached simple particles in Houdini and imported in Cinema4D by alembic format. They have colors according some rules created in Houdini, in the end, it's just plain Cd. If I select particle when importing, I see no particles in viewport, so I switched to polygons. When I use a cloner to clone a sphere for every vertex, I expect the sphere to have the same color of vertex, like you normally have with a copy node, instead the sphere has no color if not the one of the shader. I know, I already asked in an other forum about this problem more about Cinema 4D than Houdini, with no success, it seems to me it's not straightforward like in Houdini, of course, with all the respect to Cinema 4D, fantastic program, and its community, but I was wondering if someone had the same problem and found a solution. Thank you in advance.
  8. Houdini help file is blank

    Sorry to hear that, no problem at moment in Windows 10 and Houdini Indie 15.5.480. Fresh installation of Houdini? TBH, I prefer more the online documentation than the inline help.
  9. min_activation_impulse problem

    Hello all, I'm using Houdini 15 and the new point feature of min_activation_impulse together with active and activationignore. It's a simple bricks wall and a cone smashing bricks. The problem is Whatever value I put for min_activation_impulse, as in the scene is 500, the bricks react always. What am I missing? Thank you bricksWall4odforce.hipnc
  10. H14_segmentatio fault

    malexander: thank you. I knew I had the most updated Asus drivers, the only and ones of the 2013 (!!!), because they are the only available on the Asus support website, so, after a search, I used the Intel ones, installing them at my own risk. Now Houdini works! michael: I'll do it, but I was thinking they had more serious bugs to solve than the one on my little netbook! If anyone has some problem, read this paying a lot of attention: When installing Intel drivers fails or Intel Driver Update Utility fails with an OEM Intel display driver is because... http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-022355.htm So the solution I used and it worked for me for Windows 8.1 64bit is...USE AT YOUR OWN RISK http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/12156/how-to-forcibly-update-your-intel-drivers-at-your-own-risk The .inf file I found was under the Graphics folder: igdlh64.inf The screen was black for many seconds and an heart attack, but it restored The computer and Houdini are working now normally, but it's too soon to say Ok, to punish myself for the shame of this stupid problem, tonight I'll drink only one half pint... on the right hand and one half pint on the left hand, to make me remember!
  11. H14_segmentatio fault

    Good morning everyone, an odd problem with the new Houdini 14. Houdini starts with no problem, but when I try to put down any node, from dop network to lights to sphere one, it crashes with this report: 10684: Fatal error: Segmentation fault I reinstalled with administration rights, I reinstalled without antivirus, I deleted the Houdini config folder, but nothing. My system is Windows 8.1 and Intel HD Graphics 4000 (listed in the supported video cards). What can I do? Thank you in advance.
  12. Peter Claes Showreel 2014

    Great work and good luck.
  13. Thomson "Simon the Ogre"

    WoW!!! A lot of work for just an advertisement! I read about using FEM for solving the neck problem: interesting, I would like to know more about it. Anyway, congratulations again for results.
  14. Packed Object, @active variable and given speed

    Reny, I just applied your solution and it works! It's still seems to me a strange behaviour about resetting velocity, but your solution works. Thank you.
  15. Packed Object, @active variable and given speed

    Hi Rafael, I'm really sorry I uploaded the wrong file, this is one is the right one and similar the case I'm working on. As you could see, the left piece, activated by Active DOP, acts as expected, while the right one, activated by checking its activation frame parameter and the actual frame, just falls down. I saw your solution, but I think doesn't fit my actual situation. Let me know what you think. Hi Reny, which build are you using? Can you try with this new file? Thank you. sopSolverWithAttribTrouble.hipnc