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  1. Speed and sparse pyro

    Whats the best practice in getting speed attribute into a sparse sim? I would like to make a micro solver that controls disturbance based on a speed range.
  2. I have a relative path along the lines of ../../effect_charactername_smoke/xform but I want to make a tool that branches between different setup and character names. Is there a way to reference the paths with something like ../../effect_*_smoke/xform , I feel like there is an easy way to do this.. Thanks in advance
  3. That'll do it, thanks!
  4. Is there a hotkey for Save Node Type when working with hdas? Or is there a way to bind a key to it?
  5. Is there a straight forward way to remove the camera's velocity from a pyro sim. I might be over thinking things.
  6. $OS will grab the current nodes name in SOPs, I needed the level above that in the obj context. I am doing this in a attribute wrangle node in sops. This worked string path=opfullpath(".."); string pathSplit[] = split(path, "/"); s@objPath=pathSplit[1];
  7. Dont see this expression, I had to do an opfullpath() and then a split().
  8. Need to get the name of my geometry object in sops. So I can source that name and name my caches accordingly. Is there a small snipit anyone has off hand.
  9. Cloth interpenetration repulsion

    I would do this post/pre simulation procedurally, either with a ray or xyz dist for anything interpenetrating. I don't think there is anything in the solver currently that does this.
  10. I have multiple characters names. So I needed to find a way to separate the iterations from the character. Something like this worked a bit better. Any Suggestions to what could of been more efficient? i@iteration = opdigits(@name); s@convertToString = itoa(@iteration); string parts[] = split(@name, @convertToString); s@name = parts[0]; attribstringedit_v2.hipnc
  11. Is theres quick way to delete the numbers in a string of crowd assets. string name = "nameOfCharacter56" - what I have string name = "nameOfCharacter" - what I need
  12. I must of hit some key and cant find with one it is now. But its the equal to hitting the 2 or 3 button in Maya.
  13. Thanks Alejandro, increasing the iteration and unchecking the Correct Collisions seemed to give me something more promising. Although I would like to see how your suggestion results in. I'll give that a go today. Thanks many. rodmac, I was under the impression that when substeping, timeblend-ing does the same thing. You just need to do it before converting to a volume? I might be mistaken though.