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  1. Help with growth propagation in Houdini 17

    Thanks heaps =) very much appreciated
  2. Hi, I'm a relatively beginner houdini user but I'm using tutorials and guides and cgwiki to get the hang of things and i believe i have a hang on the workspace, UI and scene setup. I'm studying growth propagation for its applications in vfx for growing stuff on surfaces or procedurally morphing geometry for things like organic decay. I was watching and following one of Ben Watts tutorials which uses an attribute VOP using pcopen and pcfilter inside a SOP solver on 2 differing density scattered points over geometry. The result is a growing point cloud that propagates over the surface of initial geometry by finding the lesser number of intial points and comparing adjacent points and accumulating and applying attributes to adjacent points over time based upon a growing field. I have included the link to tutorial below for reference. When i tried this in houdini 17 the SOP solver refused to function. I checked that the scene was on auto update and simulations were set to run so I am wondering if there has been a change in workflow in the latest version and if so could someone help me work out where it has gone wrong and how to fix to get it working. If required I can upload a scene file. I was also wondering if anyone has links to similar examples of growth propagation. Regards David =)