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  1. Automatik London is looking for FX TDs

  2. Hi All! Im working on a project that involves a lot of small objects to fall down and collide with each other. My geometry consists of a big grid of different shaped boxes. I want to try the new ODE solver for this so I have to figure out a way which does not involve the RBD fractured dop. I was thinking about instancing each "object primitive group" to a grid of points, with a point for each object, and then using an RBD point object with the ODE solver. So my question...is there a way / an expression I dont know, to instance primitve groups to points, bases on a matching ID attribute? So point 1 gets PrimitiveGroup_01 instanced to it? Thanks & Cheers! Koen
  3. Replace Primitives with Cards based on BBox

    Ok, I posted too quick... Got it, grouped by primitive, for each with inside a box and done! easypeasy!
  4. Hi All, I have some geometry traced from an image containing text. I want to replace each letter with a seperate card based on the bounding box from each letter. So you get a card for every letter to be used as simple particle instance geometry. I was thinking about separating each primitive, copy an attribute in there with the BBX and BBY info for ech letter and then copying it back on points which are created trough a simple particle based on the original traced geometry (one point for each primitive). Im a bit stuck at the point were I have to separate each primitive and get the Bbox info in there. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or does someone has a better solution? Thanks a lot! cheers, Koen
  5. Object Lights

    Hi Guys, Since this is my first post on the forum let me introduce myself a bit; my name is Koen Hofmeester, im doing the Bournemouth Digital Effects Master and I started using houdini a couple of months ago. I have a couple years of maya experience, so the switch to houdini wasn't that bad but now im really stuck for the first time At the moment im working on a character project where I need the character to emit light. The character (an eel) has a snake like spotted skin where some of the spots in the skin need to emit a blueish light. The best thing would be if I could assign a black and white texture to the character where maybe a shader calculates the light from the white spots in the texture. I don't have a lot of VEX experience so I really don't know where to start. I thought about doing it just in comp using glows but this isn't going to work cause I need the light to lit the environment. Hope somebody can point me in the right direction! Thanks! Cheers Koen