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  1. Hello, I'm making some smoke trails using particles and wondered if there's a way to have turbulence/noise effect the particle based on their age attribute? So the older the particles are the more they're affected.
  2. so I'm currently in the process of replicating an earthquake effect on a old bridge, I've currently got the Sim that's controlled by inactive groups, only allowing certain areas of the bridge to fall. I've got areas on the bridge that are more dense than others using scatter notes plugged into the RBDmaterialfracture node, how do i make it so these nodes come into effect later in the simulation instead of having the active parts of the bridge all collapsing at once? I've tried Time offsets/blends, adding transforms to the scatter nodes and moving them into the geometry at later frames, I've tried increasing/decreasing the glue strength, but it doesn't matter if the value is 1 or 10000, it doesn't seem to be working.
  3. Issue with Popadvectbyvolumes

    Right so, i'm having some trouble using popadvectbyvolumes, i've got a smoke sim cached out which i'm using for the velocity, created a popadvectbyvolumes node inside the popnet, connected it all up, using the cached out sim as the SOP, yet it's refusing to follow the velocity provided by the simulation and just continues to generate particles, any idea on what i've missed here? I've never had this issue before using 17.5 but since swapping to 18, this suddenly won't work?
  4. Caching out Water Simulations

    So i'm trying to Cache out my water simulation, I've cached it out previously as a VDB, yet my file sizes are just below 800KB. It's a rather small simulation but i assume that's wrong. How do i go around fixing this issue? WhiteWaterSim.hipnc
  5. I have my object emitting fluids and a curve created, in the DOP network, i've created a PopcurveForce and brought in the Curve, and plugged them into the Flipsolver, I've been adjusting the options for the Curveforce such as Follow Scale, Suction Scale, even increasing them to numbers such as 300. Problem is the Fluids just keep dropping straight down and is not attaching to the curve at all. Anything i can add to fix this?