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  1. You can't enable it if you're using the sparse pyro solver.
  2. How to create Radial Gradient on Grid?

    You're welcome my friend!
  3. How to create Radial Gradient on Grid?

    Does this work for you? grid_gradient_test.hip
  4. Rbd material fracture

    I've just checked the hip file. The first problem is just a scene view bug, I managed to replicate it when opening the hip file. To fix it just close the scene view and open it again., sometimes the scene view bugs and to reset you have to close it and open it again. The rest of your problems don't happen to me, I didn't change anything in your scene so the problem might be on your part.
  5. bbox

    You're using the wrong quotation marks, you should use this ""
  6. Rbd material fracture

    You forgot to include the house model in the hip file.
  7. Smoke Disappearing

    Disabling the dissipation should do the trick.
  8. Setting curve in popcurveforce node crashes Houdini

    Hi! Can you upload the .hip file to see if I can replicate the crash? Also which Houdini version are you using? Are you on Windows or Linux?
  9. Flip collision not working properly

    That fixed it! Thank you so much man, I've been dealing with this problem for a couple of days and I wasn't sure what was happening. I had no idea that the static object didn't work properly with packed geo. Thank you again for taking your time to solve it!
  10. Hey there! I'm trying to fill a fractured box with water and make the water come out when walls of the box start breaking. The thing is that the collision works when the box hasn't been fractured yet but once one of the walls of the box starts fracturing, the particles start to clip through the box until they completely disappear. The box has thickness, I'm using a deformed static object with a vdb of the rbd fracture. The sim also have sub-steps. I uploaded the hip file, just in case someone wants to take a look at it. Thanks in advance guys! Flip_Collision.hip
  11. If you created the constraints using a connect adjacent pieces node, there's an option to create a restlength attribute there.
  12. That's weird tbh, have you created the restlength attribute?