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  1. How to show sim details for Houdini??

    Go to display Option by hitting "D" and then in the Guides Tab you will found "Geometry Information", it's always off so select always on. That's it you are done.
  2. how to give expression inside edit parameter interface

    we can't do this inside edit parameter interface window, I tested this allready
  3. Hi everybody, I have one question I'm creating procedural stairs so I have created an attribute name(Steps) and another is (NumPillar), so what I want is, in edit Parameter Interface we can set range but I want the max range should be same as steps value as you can see in image. Blue color indicates steps and red indicates pillar in image file Pillars.jpeg
  4. maya particle

    I have one question but its from Maya I have three emitters & only one particle system. I have attached the particles to all the emitters so what I want is each emitter have its own different particle lifespan, so is it possible with expressions.