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  1. Randomizing texture maps - Question

    anim, Thank you very much. This solved the problem.
  2. Randomizing texture maps - Question

    Hello all, I was hoping to get help with the following problem: I am trying to get H11 to use multiple texture maps in a sprite shader. I have a vopnet describing a simple surface shader. The texture map is being referenced in the surfacecolor node in the vopnet (I could just as easily use a texture node though). I thought I could override the attribute in the surfacecolor node with an attribute create and use - filename`$PT%n`.somefileextension (where n = the number of files to use) - as the string in the attribcreate referencing baseColorMap as the Name in the Attribcreate as that is the name of the parameter for the texture map in the surface color node. I am testing using the butterfly1-5.pic files. This is not working and I could use some help. Could someone look at this .hipnc and let me know what I am doing wrong? Thank you. David TEST_02.hipnc
  3. Smoothing groups equivalent in 9.5?

    AWSOME! Thank you Kumpa! That was exactly what I was looking for.
  4. Houdini crack

    I did buy the HD version for Apprentice and I got to say that I am really happy. I mean unlimited render sizes on stills, 1080P res on full animations? Sure you don't get to 3rd party render nor export meshes in like DFX mesh types but jimminy cricket! I got s&!t tons of power for $99. Oh yeah! NO WATERMARK! Do you really even NEED a crack after that? Really?
  5. Hi guys, I am using 3DSMax 9 (64 bit) to create geometry and am importing that geometry into H9.5. That part is working very well. My question is this: Is there a node in Houdini that acts like the "Smooting Groups" function in 3DSMax? That would be a polygon property as far as Max is concerned. I have attached renders from both Houdini and Max showing the difference. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you. David
  6. Hey all, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for helping me out on this one. I just KNEW this was a simple thing for Houdini to do and you guys have pointed me into the correct direction and for that I thank you. David
  7. Hi guys, If I had a .txt file in this format: 17.813 58.693 12.84 18.322 57.538 12.101 19.493 56.83 12.766 19.731 55.651 12.514 18.724 57.964 10.686 17.703 58.857 10.022 where first column is X, second is Y and third is Z how would I go about getting Houdini to read that data and generate a point cloud that I could use to copy geometry to etc. The above data are just a portion from a massive file of like 5000 points or so. It would seem that this would be a good spot to get Houdini to simply read a file from a file SOP and dump these XYZ data into an Add SOP or something akin to that. Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Thanks David