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  1. Hello! When is Houdini 18.5 due?
  2. Thank you for finding only "v@v" and trying to do it, the result is good, but at least add for example when objects fall on the field collision so that a light appears like this video site. I threw off the project here. if you know, can you do it? vel_color_Cd.hip
  3. How to add color gradient through velocity plus collision to influence color velocity? to influence the color such as this one here: https://vimeo.com/59024762 how did he do, but he used xsi softimage. if possible to make a Houdini?
  4. Hello! How to Increase Particle Separation for Spray - Setup whitewater solver?
  5. Good evening everyone! I learned some lessons and trained at home in Houdini, and tried to make realistic fluids together in vials for honey and chocolate, other types. I looked at pictures on the Internet and carefully studied how to create bubbles, and tried to make mantra materials. but it’s not like photographs of real honey bubbles. I uploaded - a rendering image and a project HIP. Help me how to create materials correctly? hdri.rar honey_colorls.hipnc
  6. Yes there is, thanks! But, at least conveniently, the keyboard looks like Maya parameters appear.
  7. Good evening! Thanks for the answer, I tried to press the "ctrl+p" keyboard - but, the options in the form of tools will not appear.
  8. Hello! I want to reduce the particle points and tried to do using "point wrangle", but there are no results. How do you know to reduce the particle particles using "point wrangle"? I threw off a short video GIF examples here and another project: particle_point.hipnc
  9. Hello! I want to learn how to press the "P" keyboard conveniently so that the parameters appear as tools. do you know how to do? I threw off a short video GIF examples here:
  10. ryzen 3600

    well understood.
  11. ryzen 3600

    are you in kazakhstan?
  12. ryzen 3600

    Hello! i bought AMD Ryzen 5 3600, i have a second old Intel Core i7 4770k PC, I played fluid in a Houdini a little faster than i7 4770k. therefore, AMD Ryzen 3600 is a new 7nm, 6 cores/12 threads is a reserve in the future, I recommend a better choice of a b450 it is an AM4 long life when a new 4000 series is released it will support a b450 it sounds good than intel. Better use Linux will be faster than Windows 10. If you are planning to buy AMD Ryzen 5 3600, then buy it or better wait for the new AMD 4000 series to be released. I am satisfied with my AMD 3600 for balancing - video editing, games, 3D graphics.
  13. Good evening everyone! One problem PolyBevel does not work. Can someone tell me? I can’t get a smooth bevel around the edge. See here that I uploaded a GIF video and also a HIP project. polybevel_voronoi.hip
  14. Большое спасибо, работает!