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  1. Hello, How delete Keys License Houdini in Linux? Windows 10 I know how to delete keys where to specify the file "C:\Windows\Keys\" but linux do not know how to delete keys.
  2. Hello, I need to change keyboard + mouse in Houdini on Linux Kubuntu, is this how to make changes? I have uploaded two sample videos here so you know how to fix Linux Kubuntu?
  3. Hi, gather the power of your computer for games and workstations for the intermediate. AMD RYZEN 3950X 128GB 3200MHZ CL16 (Crucial Ballistix Black) MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI RTX 3090 24GB Corsair HX1000 80+ Platinum
  4. Hello! When is Houdini 18.5 due?
  5. Thank you for finding only "v@v" and trying to do it, the result is good, but at least add for example when objects fall on the field collision so that a light appears like this video site. I threw off the project here. if you know, can you do it? vel_color_Cd.hip
  6. How to add color gradient through velocity plus collision to influence color velocity? to influence the color such as this one here: https://vimeo.com/59024762 how did he do, but he used xsi softimage. if possible to make a Houdini?
  7. Hello! How to Increase Particle Separation for Spray - Setup whitewater solver?
  8. Good evening everyone! I learned some lessons and trained at home in Houdini, and tried to make realistic fluids together in vials for honey and chocolate, other types. I looked at pictures on the Internet and carefully studied how to create bubbles, and tried to make mantra materials. but it’s not like photographs of real honey bubbles. I uploaded - a rendering image and a project HIP. Help me how to create materials correctly? hdri.rar honey_colorls.hipnc
  9. Yes there is, thanks! But, at least conveniently, the keyboard looks like Maya parameters appear.
  10. Good evening! Thanks for the answer, I tried to press the "ctrl+p" keyboard - but, the options in the form of tools will not appear.
  11. Hello! I want to reduce the particle points and tried to do using "point wrangle", but there are no results. How do you know to reduce the particle particles using "point wrangle"? I threw off a short video GIF examples here and another project: particle_point.hipnc
  12. Hello! I want to learn how to press the "P" keyboard conveniently so that the parameters appear as tools. do you know how to do? I threw off a short video GIF examples here:
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