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  1. Hello, my name is kalata and I am an experienced Houdini Artist. I also have solid experience in 3Ds Max, Nuke, After Effects and Photoshop. You can check my demo reel here:
  2. Box Mapping in Houdini

    I created this box mapping digital asset, because there is no simple box mapping option, like you would find in Max for example. This allows you to just rotate, scale and translate the box, and the mapping changes correspondingly. Hope you like it, Cheers!
  3. Centipide Rig

    Yeah, I used bones and chops to rig this. I made one section of the body and animated a loop, and then copied it many times, and using chops ofsetted the animation for every segment. To make it fallow the path, I used a sop network to get the relative rotation between each body segment. There may be easier ways to do it, but I also wanted to learn rigging with bones during the process
  4. Centipide Rig

    Hello everyone, this is a centipide rig I made to learn a rigging. Cheers!
  5. Set-up Render Passes in Houdini using PYTHON

    Yeah, sorry about that, I just fixed it, hope you like it. Cheers!
  6. Hello everyone, I made this tutorial to show a workflow to setup passes for rendering using python. The same can be achieved by the Takes, but I find using python for the task can be quite useful in some cases