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  1. Ocean Render Flat - Apprendice

    I've found it... I didn't bake it... ... Now... that's a cake! ... Thanks. ...
  2. Hello, you all. ... I'm having problems rendering a simple shelf's ocean... in the viewport is displaced, but in the render shows flat... What am I doing wrong. I've searched but no one seems to have this issue. ... Thanks in advance.
  3. Some recent work

    Fantastic!! Great renders!! ... João Marco
  4. ÖBST

    Great textures, animation and feeling! ... Thanks for sharing your work! ... João Marco
  5. Behind the wall...

    Great exercice! Keep on that! ... Thanks for sharing it! ... João Marco
  6. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    This is a fantastic work! ... By the way that ocean - the first shot of the first video - is that Houdini stuff, too? ... Cheers. ... João Marco
  7. Space Colonization

    This is awesome!! ... Thanks for sharing! ... João Marco
  8. Fireworks

    Great render!! Almost Real!! :-D
  9. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Hello. ... This is a great start. Only a tweak here and there. ... But at rendering level I suppose there is some work to do. That's too much time. I'm on a i7 2600K (with a gtx660) and I keep the render time not that high at all... I'm rendering with mantra, by the way. ... If you find the problem - if there is one, of course - please share. ... Cheers. João Marco
  10. Thistle One

    Really Nice work!
  11. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    This is ENORMOUS! ... Houdini is, in fact, infinte! ... Thanks a lot for showing us your work! ... João Marco
  12. Houdini destruction RnD

    Great, Grzegorz! ... Any advice on this?! ... Cheers. ... João Marco