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  1. nope. something hates me, i tried firefox and chrome icognito and same deal. it's actually once i sign out, and sign back in...refuses to sign me. I've using a generated password everytime. is there any flushing feature or can you even just delete my profile, i want to make another one but my email is used up by this account. Thanks Marc
  2. sorry, same behaviour happening. reset my password a couple times now and cleared my cache in chrome from the beginning of time. I'll try from another browser and machine later today. weird behaviour. can you see anything on the server that suggest my user profile is corrupted somehow?
  3. i've cleared everything just now, and it said my password was wrong again...., i'll wait 24 hours and see if i get the same again. Thanks Marc
  4. Hi, Something is wrong with my account, but it appears that every time i come to the forum and I've been signed out my password needs to be reset. I've had to do it 4 days in a row now. Can a moderator have a look for me please?