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  1. Wispy Magic FX

    Yea, after some research i also got to his tutorial. Definetly gonna use that as a starting point. The Filament Solver looks interesting. Going to check it out. Thanks This whole effect is way more complex than i initially thought... I will post my progress, though might take some time for it.
  2. Wispy Magic FX

    I tried using POP Fluid instead of Flip now and I'm getting nice results, but it's not the look I'm going for. The original looks more like cigarette smoke. So i think i will try to advect lines first and get it to look as good as i can. In the meantime I'd appreciate any advice i can get.
  3. Wispy Magic FX

    Haven't thought about FLIP for this effect yet. Gonna give it a go, thank you
  4. Wispy Magic FX

    Hi everyone, I am trying to achieve a wispy magic Effect like in the attached example. I have tried emitting Particles from circles and lines, advecting them through velocity fields from pyrosims and different noises, but im not even getting close. I just can't get the stringyness right. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Regards, Dani
  5. Pyro sim collision

    Hi, try to compute the velocity of the Geometry by using a trail SOP (you have to change the type to compute velocity). After that you have to convert the Geometry to a VDB by using a VDB from Polygons Node and add a point.v surface attribute which is inside the VDB Node (change the type to Displacement/Velocity). Now, inside the dopnet, add another volume source and point to the VDB Volume and change the type under "Initialize" to Collision. Replace the Source Volume in the Collision Field with "surface". Now it should work Btw you might have to unpack your Alembic File first. Best of Luck!