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  1. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    I did not find tut on it that's why i'm here. I try a thousand possibility today to resolve this problem... Maybe there is a problem on my way to think about this simulation...
  2. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    I mean, all i want is to find a way that i can take the main simulation and constraint it to the second simulation. Actually the second simulation have it own constraint but i want to add the main simulatiion so it can constraint in the second simulation.
  3. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    Thx now it works! Any idea on how i can constraint my bars geometry to the first simulation (to the side floors)? Because now they move with the main simulation with their constraint but i want to attahced them to the side floor so the simulation will be more realistic. Any idea?
  4. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    Well, it works as you said, but the problem is that now, my new bar simulation does not stay on the floor that explode in the first simulation. It explodes randomly. If you have any idea? I give my file so maybe you can see the problem. skykrapperprocedural.012.hipnc
  5. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    Do you any tips or video to make what you said about the vdb for colliions geometry for the second sim?
  6. Rigid Sim RnD - Building destruction

    Okay perfect i'll try to work on it soon! Thx btw!
  7. Hello guys! Recently I am working on a building destruction. I started with a simulation of the main structure with as parameter some blend and stick (first and second picture). The problem is that i would like to add some details (like windows/columns/ceil etc...) (third picture) to the building that will follow as perfectly the main simulation but without impacting it. Someone have an idea on how i can attached these details without impacting my simulation?