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  1. thanks for the file! I will take a look this evening.
  2. Hi, How can I limit surface tension to only in specific areas? I am trying to use a scalarField but I can get this to work properly. I would like the surface tension to be 0 in some areas. Thanks in advance. surfacetention.hiplc
  3. Got it thanks! Yes, the Houdini toolset looks really good. I have gone through all the videos on his Vimeo page a few times. Ideally creating all the audio in Houdini would be where I would like to get to. (procedural audio) for now, I am just placing sounds I have made in 3d space and linking to frequencies, and using displacement....... see my test below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I8D0JyV77IIvjspxNEhXzEUeCAnUAI3o/view?usp=sharing test_frames.mp4
  4. ok so this file of yours is really cool! This is the first time I am working with spatial audio so it is a bit of a mystery to me. The answer might be in your file but I can't understand how this is set up "mind blow". Is the "playback" where you save the audio file to a wav on disc ? I have attached my stripped-down file. I want to export this and master the output in Ableton..... I also can't hear the sound when I preview this to Mplay. sorry for the 20 questions! spital.zip
  5. Thanks so much I am taking a look now.
  6. Hi, what is the workflow for exporting audio from Houdini to a wav file? Please see the screenshot attached. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a simulation that I have meshed with a particle fluid surface. I then attribute transfer the Cd from particles (noise in the images below) onto the particle fluid surface. How can I render/export the attribute transfer Cd to a flat texture sequence? I want to use this in a 2d environment and then add that back onto the original particle fluid surface. What is the workflow for this? Thanks
  8. geophone - experimental animation

    This is really amazing. I liked this video ages ago. I only read the comments on the vimeo page now and found this thread. Thanks for sharing the hip.
  9. Hi all. How can I move noise along a tangentu/normal of an object? I have some animated carved curves that I have converted to a particle fluid surface. I would like to ad noise to the object surface moving the same speed and direction as the curves. thx A simple example of what I would like to achieve:
  10. pyro spread activation question.

    Thanks so much this has really been doing me head in. Looking forward to see what I am missing here. I will only be able to check your the setup on Sunday. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, how can I use an animated object to activate the pyro spread? For example I would like to animate some objects in a point group to activate the spread. Very similar to this tutorial but I would like to use a animated sphere? Thanks!
  12. Exclude object from Z depth pass

    Hi, can you explain in more simple term how to achieve this ? Thanks
  13. I am following along with this tutorial (link below). "geometry based vectorfield shaping" ......I have adapted the setup to be able to use with a flip sim. It works really well. I want the flip particles to be attracted to the object continuously.FILED_TEST.hip How can I use a animated object in the vector filed. I have attached a striped down file it anyone has a sec to take a look. I also looked into using a velocity volume but I am not sure how to use Add Object Motion? Tut https://vimeo.com/175936039 Thanks R
  14. Flip inherit velocity H17 - Beginner

    I have added a point velocity sop after the Flip Source (create surface). The velocities are going all over the place seeing that the Flip Source is changing frame by frame. If I bump up the frame sample to 10 in the point velocity sop I get a fairly stable velocity but there is still some movement from deforming Flip Source. I think I will go with this for now. Scene file attached. I have also taken a look at example file below but this is super slow and still using the old fluid source. This is a bit over complicated for what I need. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/trail.html SpinningFlipCollision Example for FLIP Solver dynamics node Any advice on doing this better will be much appreciated, test_vel_upload.hip
  15. What is the best way to add velocity to an Alembic (animated) flip object? I want my flip particles to be advected as the object moves. All tutorials I look at are using H16. I know there are a few threads about the new workflow in 17 but I can find one for flip. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks