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  1. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    What in gods name. Thank you for your time.
  2. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    The texture was an arbitrary image on my computer, adding a UV texture Sop doesn't fix it.
  3. Redshift materials coming out black for houdini

    Of course, sorry. wasn't thinking Cube Material.hipnc
  4. Hey all, I apologize if this is a simple issue that I'm just missing. But when I go to apply a texture to my object in Houdini, like iron or something, it renders out as black.
  5. Digital assets not loading after re-install

    It worked, thank you very much!
  6. I had to re-install houdini after a computer failure and afterward, I went through re-installing my plugins. after I'd install one of them, I'd save it as a 'permanent default' and it would be put into $home="Documents/houdini" and when I open it in that same project, it works fine, but if I open another project, the assets don't load. I'm wondering if maybe I can/ need to change where digital assets save to? I've re-installed several times and nothing's working. I'm not quite sure what i'm doing wrong