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  1. Delete Post

    For this kind of request it's best to report the post in question and one of the mods will take care of it. The report post is on the top right of the post itself. Thanks M
  2. Sparse pyro solver temperature and buoyancy

    Yeah it's definitely a bit esoteric and not simpler, I've always wondered why they don't expose the ambient temperature parm. Leaving the expression in there and messing with the ambient temperature does some pretty weird things so deleting the expression seems like the way to go for this project. Thanks! M
  3. Sparse pyro solver temperature and buoyancy

    Yeah I want 0 temps to go down. I normally mess with the real ambient temp in the gasBuoyancy but I was lured into thinking the parm called 'Ambient Temp' would do what it said :D. I see the expression in there, perhaps it's not behaving as I think it should. I'll mess with it a little, thanks! M
  4. Hey Has anyone messed about with the ambient vs reference temp in the new sparse pyro solver? My intuition tells me that if the temperature of the smoke falls below the ambient temperature, then in theory the buoyancy direction should reverse and the smoke should sink. This doesn't seem to be happening though, as the fluid cools it stops moving and hangs in space, whereas I want it to start moving in the direction of gravity. ie. hot smoke rises, cool smoke falls. The falling part is eluding me right now. M
  5. Od Studios: Senior FX Artist

    Hey all Od Studios is looking for a senior fx artist for a 6 week contract. Remote work is possible. IM me here on od|force if you're interested and I'll provide more details! Thanks M
  6. I can try reset your password and send you a temp one to see if that shakes things out. Otherwise yeah it might be best to delete the account and you can try again.
  7. I took a look and there's nothing that jumps out as problematic. There are no limitations on your account, no weird ip issues. Let me know how the other browser/device work for you.
  8. Hey When I've seen this before it's a client side issue. Try clearing all your cookies for odforce and see if that helps.
  9. OdForce forum backup

    Well the official answer is no :). But I'm curious as to why you'd want it?
  10. Cannot perform background render...

    you need to save the hipfile
  11. It's been a crazy week for everyone, apologies for the delays.
  12. Impending Server upgrade

    And we're done and everything seems to be in order. Thanks
  13. Impending Server upgrade

    Time should be around 12am PST. Apologies to all our non North American visitors, insomniacs and anyone working OT tonight. On the plus side the site should be faster and, uh... well just faster really.
  14. Hey all Our server will be upgraded sometime tonight, so please don't panic if the site is down for a bit. The maintenance period should be ~1 hour. I'll update this once I know the exact time. Thanks! M