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  1. Currently we're using the default, built in plugin for this which is a bit lacking in the controls aspect. We used to have a plugin which seems to not work for this version of the software? I can keep digging to see if I can find something.
  2. Done. With regard to the syntax highlighting, it's possible but it requires some hacking of the editors interface thing. I did it on the last version of the forum but forgot how. I'm pretty time constrained, but I'll try get to it soon.
  3. All done in Houdini except for the rigging/animation, although we're going to see about changing that up for the next one. He's going to have his own YouTube channel at some point. Bear vlogging is where it's at these days.
  4. I'll investigate the visited link thing and the code highlighting. Thanks M
  5. Let me know if the modules I added are working. These ones are built into the software vs a plugin, but they're less feature rich. I can investigate some more if these aren't good enough.
  6. I know this is old, however in the new version of the forum clicking on the "See their activity" link in the profile to get a full post history. Also in the menu bar on the left you can select the post type, which all seems to work on Librarian's profile. Perhaps it was a broken theme on the old version?
  7. Hello all Due to an unfortunate series of events we were forced to upgrade the forum software prematurely. Mostly that means that the template is different to what came before. But honestly it might be fine. The database seems to have made it through unscathed, so everything should work outside of that. If you find you're missing something, let me know and we'll do our utmost to restore it. Thanks! Marc
  8. Also we need more volunteers for moderators. To help us approve things in a timely manner. Who's up for the challenge? M
  9. Hey everyone Does anyone know of any web developers or does anyone have any web dev skills? We're looking for someone to help us maintain the site and the forum so that we can stay up to date with upgrades etc. This is a paid gig :). Thanks M
  10. I think the real answe to that question is because we're all a bunch of slackers and need to be poked to make it happen! Consider me sufficiently poked, I'll get it up today.
  11. Hey. We have added an overall rss feed, but the activity streams: https://forums.odforce.net/discover/ Do have rss feeds attached.
  12. Hey all There seems to be an uptick of spammy sales threads happening these days. Part of it might be that the forum software is fairly out of date. Because of that, we'll be updating the forum at some point in the next few weeks. Just a heads up that it might be down for a short time while we backup and run the update. Also while we're here, we're always looking for more mods to help manage the content on the forum. If you think managing a community sounds like a fun thing, then please let me know and we can discuss. Thanks M
  13. We're looking for fx artists of all levels for various projects. Send me a message, or mail hello@theodstudios.com for more information.
  14. Since 19 is pretty much done, I'll close this and you can all take your dearest wishes and desires to the H20 wishlist!
  15. Animation and rigging toolset to rival Maya so I can dump Autodesk for good!
  16. It's been a long and illustrious carreer. I think this website has been going for ~23 years now. Time flies when you're having fun
  17. Alex! I'm still here.
  18. Hey all We're looking to add some senior Houdini artists to our core team! Come join us, we're a small studio, so that means plenty of creative and technical freedom. Lot's of fun projects too! od for life! M
  19. I completely forgot to mention that we're looking for someone already in Vancouver for this one.
  20. Hey! Od Studios is hiring again! We're looking for experienced Houdini artists to help out in fx and lighting starting in January (or immediately for the right artist). Some requirements: Houdini experience, naturally. We're working remotely and from in the office, depending on the day. Both options are open to you! Exciting things: Lots of crowd work Deepfakes face replacements Solaris! Redshift Let's go! Mail us: info@theodstudios.com Thanks! M
  21. Things move quickly: https://news.itsfoss.com/rocky-linux-announcement/ I loll'ed at this:
  22. Yeah I scoured the net some more after that post. I'm with symek, this is just bad news all round. Anyone who moves to Oracle will likely regret that decision and/or get what they deserve depending on how naive they are going in . I guess the real question is what will Autodesk do, the reason why most vfx studios are on Cent/RHEL is because that's pretty much the only distro AD supports. https://centos.rip/
  23. If? Aren't most people using CentOS in a production environment? Even if it's just a webserver, having Cent behave like Fedora doesn't sound like a good thing. Actually, this is on Redhat's page: I wonder what's going to happen to Fedora then? ugh.
  24. Intermittent fasting for me. No crashing energy levels.
  25. Hey! Od Studios is hiring a senior lighter and a senior effects artist for a 2 month contract. Must be a Vancouver resident for this one though. Some requirements: Houdini experience, naturally. 5+ years experience preferred, but not necessarily required. We're working remotely, so you must have a machine at home that can access the internet! Mail us: info@theodstudios.com Thanks! M
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