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  1. I can try reset your password and send you a temp one to see if that shakes things out. Otherwise yeah it might be best to delete the account and you can try again.
  2. I took a look and there's nothing that jumps out as problematic. There are no limitations on your account, no weird ip issues. Let me know how the other browser/device work for you.
  3. Hey When I've seen this before it's a client side issue. Try clearing all your cookies for odforce and see if that helps.
  4. OdForce forum backup

    Well the official answer is no :). But I'm curious as to why you'd want it?
  5. Cannot perform background render...

    you need to save the hipfile
  6. It's been a crazy week for everyone, apologies for the delays.
  7. Impending Server upgrade

    And we're done and everything seems to be in order. Thanks
  8. Hey all Our server will be upgraded sometime tonight, so please don't panic if the site is down for a bit. The maintenance period should be ~1 hour. I'll update this once I know the exact time. Thanks! M
  9. Impending Server upgrade

    Time should be around 12am PST. Apologies to all our non North American visitors, insomniacs and anyone working OT tonight. On the plus side the site should be faster and, uh... well just faster really.
  10. Od Studios: Senior lighter

    Hey! Od Studios is hiring a senior lighter. Some requirements: Houdini experience, naturally. Any modern PBR renderer experience will be good (we're using redshift and/or renderman). 5+ years experience preferred, but not necessarily required. Mail us: info@theodstudios.com Thanks! M
  11. New 'marketplace' forum

    It's for all tools, free and paid.
  12. Hey all! This has been on our minds for some time and we finally made a new forum: https://forums.odforce.net/forum/72-marketplace/ There seems to be a growing trend of commercially available tools for Houdini, which is a good thing and so we want to support it while also not polluting the general forums. If you're selling a service or a tool, please put it in that forum. And if anyone stumbles across older threads that have commercially available tools, please flag it and the mods will move it into that space. Thanks! M
  13. EmberGen pyro real-time engine

    Yeah control is a big thing that tends to slow things down. Here's another fun one: https://paveldogreat.github.io/WebGL-Fluid-Simulation/
  14. Journal's gems

    Good thing I never carefully craft my vex code. Code vomit is more my style...
  15. The "Houdini Master" title is based on your number of posts. The leaderboard is calculated based on number of posts/day and the +366 is a reputation marker. The more likes you get on your posts the higher that number. Simple
  16. Od Studios launch

    I thought it fitting to post this here too ;). For better or worse, I'm launching a vfx and animation studio at the end of the week. Some of you may recognize some of the name (if you squint and look at it just right). http://theodstudios.com

    *cough*English please
  18. Od Studios launch

    "Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in an undisclosed location" Also I'm technically still at Method until Thursday... so you know
  19. Od Studios launch

    A small chance... I haven't thought about it too much ;). lol. M
  20. Hey For all who have gone through this, how long does it take to get up to speed with redshift? Is it a smooth transition, or are there a bunch of gotchas that need to be learned? I've used a bunch of offline renderers, but the GPU world is new to me :). M
  21. ok, try now. Some of the user groups had them turned off.
  22. lol... that'll learn ya! I'll dig again, that's super weird.
  23. So you still can't change your signature? Do you get an error when you go to this: https://forums.odforce.net/settings/signature/
  24. They're turned on, and should be available. Certainly nothing has changed in the forum version recently.