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  1. The "Houdini Master" title is based on your number of posts. The leaderboard is calculated based on number of posts/day and the +366 is a reputation marker. The more likes you get on your posts the higher that number. Simple
  2. Od Studios launch

    I thought it fitting to post this here too ;). For better or worse, I'm launching a vfx and animation studio at the end of the week. Some of you may recognize some of the name (if you squint and look at it just right). http://theodstudios.com

    *cough*English please
  4. Od Studios launch

    "Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in an undisclosed location" Also I'm technically still at Method until Thursday... so you know
  5. Od Studios launch

    A small chance... I haven't thought about it too much ;). lol. M
  6. Hey For all who have gone through this, how long does it take to get up to speed with redshift? Is it a smooth transition, or are there a bunch of gotchas that need to be learned? I've used a bunch of offline renderers, but the GPU world is new to me :). M
  7. ok, try now. Some of the user groups had them turned off.
  8. lol... that'll learn ya! I'll dig again, that's super weird.
  9. So you still can't change your signature? Do you get an error when you go to this: https://forums.odforce.net/settings/signature/
  10. They're turned on, and should be available. Certainly nothing has changed in the forum version recently.
  11. I'm busy working through this one and just converting it to mantra: https://renderman.pixar.com/louise I'm not sure how far I'll get, but it's an interesting experiment.
  12. As far as I know the "cloth object" in DOPs is the FEM solver and the "vellum object" is PBD, so you can setup a sim with whichever solver you need.
  13. I started explaining, but then realized I couldn't do as good of a job as SideFX already has :). http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/finiteelements/about.html The old cloth solver was FEM based and the Vellum solver is PBD which is a particle based solver.
  14. Free sound design for your animation

    This is interesting. Sound design is definitely something difficult to source if you don't know where to look. M
  15. Hey. I haven't seen any skin shading tutorials specifically for Houdini, but for your other question I find the 'render view' tab to be quite stable to use. The only problem is if your shader changed dramatically then you'll need to stop and restart the renderer. M
  16. Ripples

    It would be helpful to post a hipfile of what you've tried, or a gif of your results so far. Otherwise it's a difficult thing to know what you're trying to achieve
  17. Scatter evenly/orderly/not randomly

    Try using an add SOP and removing the geo but keeping the points. That way whatever your incoming geo looks like will be the point layout.
  18. HTTPS for ODforce.net?

    ok there were some cached things and some hardcoded things, but I've flushed them all. I'm getting a 'secure' status on all pages now. Let me know if it's working for you. M
  19. HTTPS for ODforce.net?

    I think it's done? I'm getting https on all my links anyway. Let me know if it's all good on your end. M
  20. HTTPS for ODforce.net?

    Hey. Thanks for that link, I'll change it over this morning.
  21. Houdini Simulation Basic

    Hey I suggest starting here: https://www.sidefx.com/learn/ and then here: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/ You've got a lot of learning to do :). Good luck!
  22. Contributing answers to this forum is always a good way to share knowledge
  23. Which is mildly ironic since the people who's tutorials you want so much are themselves designers. MOPs and Entagma are amazing to see and more knowledge/tools should not be discouraged. Even if all you do every day are pyro sims, learning some design skills will help your sims look better, guaranteed. M
  24. Help with Building my PC

    Those parts would work great. RAM will likely be somewhat dictated by the motherboard that you get, however more will be better. SSD is pretty straightforward, get the best one your budget allows :). It doesn't make a huge difference with regard to sims. M
  25. How could I delete my topic ?

    We don't typically delete posts since they could be helpful for someone else who is looking for answers to things. If you PM me the threads you want gone I can take a look to assess them. M