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  1. Boom!

    awsome. i'm gunna check those out asap. much appreciated
  2. Boom!

    sorry...Rigidbody....got it :-\ i haven't touched those yet. do you know of any good tutorials for the RBD system?
  3. Boom!

    sorry, RBD? .......I AM THE UBERNEWB
  4. shatter effect

    i'm not exactly sure what is shattering, plus i'm a newb, but maybe look at the ice-break tutorial on the sidefx site? hopefully that helps -later
  5. Boom!

    oh i own T2 i really do like the effect as well. thanks for pointing that out as an example. i heard the explosion in T3 was incredible as well so maybe i'll have to check that out. thanks for the suggestion. i'll see what i can come up with. -later, matt
  6. Boom!

    heya fellas, this is my 1st actual question on these forums and i've read some good stuff on here so far...i'm expecting good input i'm trying to recreate a pretty popular effect, the atomic bomb explosion! BOOM! now aside from the explosion itself, here is where i am having trouble thinking of how something like this would be done. the buildings....how do i get the buildings to really seem like they're being blasted by an intense force of air, as well as being blasted to bitty pieces? the effect won't focus on one building rather then a small city, so it wouldn't have to be immensly detailed on a small scale. as far as conceptualization on how to do this effect, the main problem i ran across is how to have buildings be effected in a radius as they would be by a central explosion? on a side note: i'm pretty sure i can get the billowing mushroom cloud effect by using i3d and metaballs, right? anyway...i'm not looking for a definite answer here, but any suggestions or fingers pointed towards helpful tutorials would be much appreciated. thanks guys and gals, i'll try to keep y'all updated on the progress...if any
  7. Image Efx Challenge

    that's about what he gave us to look at when he asked that question.