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  1. Houdini and Unity

    I am trying to figure some of this out now, being a Unity dev continuing to unpack the mysteries of Houdini. So far, I can speak to getting Houdini Rigs into Unity: It does work, as an FBX export, at least for my very basic rigs thus far. There are some things I've don't that break it, but I'm learning both Houdini rigging at the same time as Unity import. A basic rigid-skin works fine, as does a biharmonic capture. But I haven't pushed it too far. I think the devil will be in the details of the FBX exporter. I am happy to post more here as I learn more. Would also love to see a "Best Practices Guide"! -Len
  2. Steered Wheel Problem

    I'm trying to create a dynamic simulation of a simplified vehicle with wheels. I'm using Hinged constraints to connect spinning wheels to the body, and that works fine, but now can't quite figure out how to actually implement steering on the front wheel. That is, I'm using a hinge contraint along x for the primary rotation of the wheel but then need to be able to swivel that same wheel about a constant up (y) axis for the steering right and left. I've played around with various goal configurations but I'm stumped. It seems like it's got to be a pretty simple system to set up...right? I've attached a simple Houdini file with my 'motorcycle'. Ideally there's one spare channel for steering direction and the solver takes care of the rest. Any help is appreciated! File is H9 Apprentice. PS: Sorry for those noticing this duplicated at sidefx but I didn't get any takers over there and OdForce people are smarter. : ) motorCycleDOPNet.hipnc
  3. Surface Intersection

    Hi Jason. If you're still reading this....' I think I get the basics of what you're saying but I'd love to see an example if you have the time! Thanks so much. -Len
  4. Hot (houdini Ocean Toolkit)

    Interesting. I'll keep an eye out for that bug, thanks. Speaking of foam, do you know of any shaders that are out there that take the eigenvalues and process them into foam or other effects? I'm building one now but I'm new to VOPs. And you talk of the "new H9 VOP SOP". Maybe I'm just getting confused by Houdinclature but I know of only one SOP: the Ocean SOP that displaces grid geometry directly. Then there's the ocean_eval VOP that was contained in the HOT.otl. Is there something else I haven't found, or perhaps don't have? Oh, yeah, I'm still on Houdini 8.2 and you mentioned H9. I guess I probably don't have it yet, huh?
  5. Hot (houdini Ocean Toolkit)

    Speaking of the above HOT otl, I can't seem to construct a VOP network that will correctly displace the ocean surface. Just wiring the HOT_Ocean_Eval VOP to the displacement output makes my surface vanish. I've tried Sean's variant but that doesn't create a correct surface either. Is there anything else that would be expected in the network to make it work? Thanks for any ideas. Addendum: Just figured it out, I think. The ocean_eval VOP is using s/t parameters whereas the vex code is using an ocean_eval with Px/Pz. If you use a grid of 1x1 it works fine. So I used a UV Space Change VOP with world space P to get to s/t and it seems to be behaving now. I'll go with it. -Len
  6. Hot (houdini Ocean Toolkit)

    So far with HOT I've been using the surface shader included with the simpleshader file included by Drew in the HOT distribution and have been relatively happy with it. However, I am interested in adding foamy whitecapping. Drew showed a nice HOT image with noise multipled by the exported eigenvalues. Does anyone know of a good surface shader that includes this whitecapping/foam effect? I've got a simple version of my own constructon but it's rather...simple. If anyone has any leads I appreciate it (I did find an interesting discussion thread on foam behind boats and such here on odforum but that's not what I'm needing right now). Thanks.
  7. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Okay, found my problem. I had missed updating the following: OP_OceanOperator::OP_OceanOperator() Now all is well.
  8. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Here's a small hangup I'm having: I'm trying to debug some code changes and adding some stdout lines like: cout<<"Running code here"<<endl; But I don't see any console output from SOP_Ocean. I've also uncommented some of the original debug lines and I still see nothing. I've tested a few other sample SOPs and the console shows cout commands just fine. Even a debug line right at the start of cookMySOP doesn't generate any console output. Keep in mind I'm on Windows here. Strange. New info: I was ACTUALLY trying to build a differently named version of the SOP: Ocean2. I moved all the names over but NOW I can't see cout output. The original SOP_Ocean.C works fine. Don't I just need to change the addOperator arguments to create a new named node? Or do I need to also change file names, constructor names, etc? I thought I did this too but something has gone wrong.
  9. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Thanks for the info and code! I can imagine a number of things you show there being the lynchpin for getting the Makefile working. I didn't even know cygwin might have an inappropriate version of make by default. Such is my naivete. If I find a few free moments I'll try your suggestions and give it another go. Ah! Yes, the blitz_d makes sense now. Didn't even think about that but I get it. Puts my mind at rest that I'm not cheating the system horribly somehow by renaming the lib. Regarding the SOP network for building water penetrating objects: Are you thinking of photographic derived geometry data? At least for starters we're getting the bathymetry data in digital form so that part should be relatively easy. I think the trickier bit may be getting a believable driving system at a boundary region of the iWave solution. I guess I'll see over the next couple of weeks.
  10. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Okay, I finally got this thing built! They key (or one of them): Downloaded the latest source code and skipped the Makefile. Went directly to install_win32.sh script that Drew so kindly put together (makefile still wouldn't work). Oddly, I still needed to copy my compile of the blitz.lib from blitz_d.lib. For some reason the compile went smoothly but generated blitz_d.lib. If anyone else is struggling with the Windows build, let me know and perhaps my pain can help another. Just to emphasize, I could not get this working with the free version of Visual Studio. I got .NET 2003 and started to make progress. Thanks again Drew!
  11. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    I got a copy of Visual Studio .Net 2003 and am getting close to compiling this thing (I can feel it). However, I get three linker errors shown below. For some reason it can't find three fftw library calls (fftwf_plan_dft_c2r_2d, fftwf_execute, and ffwf_destroy_plan). Anyone have any idea what can cause this? I've checked my library paths, the .lib files are there. Anything I need to do with the dlls? They wouldn't effect the linking would they? I'm grabbing at straws here. Thanks for the ideas. LINKER ERRORS: Creating library SOP_Ocean.lib and object SOP_Ocean.exp SOP_Ocean.o : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__fftwf_destroy_plan referenced in function "public: __thiscall drw::OceanContext::~OceanContext(void)" (??1OceanContext@drw@@QAE@XZ) SOP_Ocean.o : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__fftwf_plan_dft_c2r_2d referenced in function "public: void __thiscall drw::OceanContext::alloc_disp_y(void)" (?alloc_disp_y@OceanContext@drw@@QAEXXZ) SOP_Ocean.o : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__fftwf_execute referenced in function "public: void __thiscall drw::Ocean::update(float,class drw::OceanContext&,bool,bool,bool,bool,float,float)" (?update@Ocean@drw@@QAEXMAAVOceanContext@2@_N111MM@Z) SOP_Ocean.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 3 unresolved externals make: *** [sOP_Ocean.dll] Error 96
  12. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Thanks for the info. Funny that python is the culprit, but that's how it goes. I am looking for a copy of VS 2003 to buy but it's a bit challenging. Seems to be some used copies on the market. I'll take a look at the MSDN subscriber idea you mentioned. Didn't know about that (I'm new to Windows). Regarding what I'm interesting in doing with HOT: I'm working on a small U.S. Navy contract that has to do with visualizing water in nearshore areas. We are trying to build a merged model that combines iWave (more Jerry water magic) with the FFT solution implemented in HOT, sort of as a proof-of-concept. Basically driving iWave (which would cover the close-to-shore effects) with the FFT solution that covers the larger open ocean component. Seem do-able? Jerry thinks so (he's 'consulting' with us). I'm still learning but if I could compile your wonderful code I could learn a bit faster. : ) I'd love to hear any of your ideas on our crazy plan. If we can win the first Phase there may be a place on our team for you when we have to move everything to real-time! : ) -Len PS: I haven't read the HOT license agreement in detail so I sure hope I haven't just revealed how much I'm trampling it. Gulp.
  13. Houdini Ocean Toolkit

    Hello. I'm new to the forums but I've been playing with HOT extensively over the past few months (it's fantastic). However, I really want to add a few features specific to what I'm working on and am eager to work with the source code. I haven't been able to get a recompile working in Win32. I don't have the .NET 2003 commercial package but I've downloaded and installed the .NET 2003 Framework and Windows Platform SDK but I still can't get the thing to link. I keep getting 'invalid library format' on the runtime library MSVCPRT.lib during linking. I know this is not a problem perse with HOT but I REALLY am eager to tweak the code. Anyone seen anything like this while attempting to compile the source? Will it be solved mysteriously if I install the commerical version of .NET 2003? Houdini doesn't yet support any .NET beyond 2003, huh? This is the first time I've tried to compile my own plugins for Houdini and I'm sure it shows. Sorry. Thanks for any ideas.