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  1. Ocean Extended problem

    Here is the result with a mantra rendering. There are also holes in the oceans and as I said earlier, the ocean is masking in the simulation zone and does not continue indefinitely
  2. Ocean Extended problem

    Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to figure out the mechanics behind the Shelf Ocean… I followed the tutorials such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve-IeWo9nqY&t=703s and this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZvHqo9kA00 However, I still can’t make it out that my waves continue into infinity… I find myself constantly with a flat ocean and no wave… The problem was absolutely into the ocean extended… but, it not working for me I swear this is was a setting than i don’t have learn… Thank so much Boat_Ocean_extended.rar
  3. Bouncing Pyro Flame

    Thank you so much for that information, it work :D!!!
  4. Bouncing Pyro Flame

    Hello everyone I created a campfire for a project. However, I find myself with a bounce effect at the beginning of the video. I don’t know if you have an idea ? https://youtu.be/mBwlIlFspxk
  5. Deform Grid with attribute color

    Thank so much!!! This is exactly what i needed :)!!!
  6. Ocean Baking Displacement

    Hi people, Did you say how to bake the displacement after the ocean evaluate and export it ? Thank you so much!!
  7. Deform Grid with attribute color

    Thank you, for the fast reply! This is working!! But, can i have mush control's on the height, the displacement and the angle of my color? With the attribute transfer, i can do a treshold, but not more.. I will share my scene, but I wish to have more control... AttributeColor.hip
  8. Hi guy! I little question about how to deform a grid with the attribute color... Is a simple question, but i don't know how :O! Thank so much!
  9. Emit from a geometry collision

    Okay, i'm gonna try this :)!! Thank you so much for the tips :D!!
  10. Emit from a geometry collision

    Thank for the fast reply! Yep, I tested it however my goal is to make the collision of the boat with the grid a emitter and after, the boat push the particles to the surface of my ocean (it could also sticker), creating the illusion of ripple on a ocean !!. Many thanks:D!
  11. Emit from a geometry collision

    Hi, Simply create artificial ripple around the boat :)!
  12. Emit from a geometry collision

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking for a way to make a boat to generates like a emitter... and making a little small splash at the bottom of its collision with already pre-simulated waves… I wish to use an Emit Particle Fluid, in order to generate a ripple motion around the boat. My problem is mainly to succeed in emitting a splash with the collision of the pre-rendered waves without the particles flying away... Many thanks again!! test_example_ripple.hip
  13. Ocean not the same of the sim

    Hi guy!, I’m having a problem with my ocean simulation actually. Basically, in my initial wavetank_initial, I connected an ocean spectrum that is exactly the same as my ocean that I wanted to create around my simulation. However, even if they are identical in the parameters, the wave shape is clearly not the same. The height is too high and even by decreasing the grid size, the shape of the waves is not at all the same. My ocean around my sim is 1000 x 1000… I think the problem has to come from my grid size… but I’m not sure yet again… Also, when I switch from the initial Node wave tank to wavetank_sim… the simulation is again not the same. But, the waves are identical to the first frames and begin to change by the time... I Share you my scene! test.hip Thank you so much!! test.hip
  14. keep Only the splash

    This is work for me! A big thank you! You’re doing my day! :)!!
  15. keep Only the splash

    Hello to all of you, I have a scene with a boat that makes a little ripple in a splash tank. Is there a way to remove the rest of the ocean and just keep only the splash(ripple)? I tried with a blast, however this one does only are blast on the present frame. Thank you so much! SphereCollideRipple.hip