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  1. Whitewater and masked simulations

    Thank you so mush for the tip :)!!
  2. Hello to all people :)! I’m trying to do a few days, a whitewater that surrounds my boats, creating the tip of a wave at the front of the boat, a little like this example ... https://forums.odforce.net/topic/28940-flat-tank/?tab=comments#comment-164200 or that one (Really a defined shape of the whitewater fallowing the boat from the front to the back.The problem, here ... I can not see why the whitewater does not seem to be done and do not keep the shape of the same smaller boats ...) I would also like to know ... how to bake my simulations in order to have an ocean that included my simulations of my boats, with also my whitewater :)? Thank you in advance for your help :)!! (P.S, here is my scene) Boat_Breack_waves_V010.hip
  3. Boat on waves

    Hello everyone! I'm new to all of the simulations of wave and boat impact... But, i have read a previous post then was pretty interesting! That just here: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/28940-flat-tank/?tab=comments#comment-164200 After i'm trying to create this example, i have problem with my simulations... My boat doesn't produce a great whitewater and wave like this example... I share you my scene, i don't know why the boat doesn't push the water like the example :/ Thank already in advance :D!! Boat_simulations_geo.hip
  4. Hi everyone! Im new in houdini, and i search a way to make the effect of a sphere touch example a planes and transfert is color… If i export it in alembic, the geo preserve this new attribute? Or they have a way for that? Thank you! :)!
  5. Hi Rudinie :)! Thank you for your fast reply! You are right! This a good options for me! :)! But my main problem was that color do not stay into the surface of the planar. It follows the geometry, but unfortunately, it doesn't not paint into this surface :/ I would especially be able to paint with water (like a wave painted the beach with color) :)! Attributetransfert.hip
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to houdini and I am currently working on PyroFX I'm trying to apply the color of my pyro to my geometry, from the informations contained in the Heat or the temperature. The information is in the voxels, so I can not transfer it to a shader or apply it to my geometry. I do not know if the sample volume would be a track for you. I'll give you a scene, if you could enlighten me on it. A big thank-you! color_attribute_tranfert.hip
  7. Tranfert information from color Pyro to geo

    This is normal, if they have a black color to the base of the pyro? This is little spot of black in the geo then i can't change ? Thank you :)! Color_attribute_tranfert.hip
  8. Tranfert information from color Pyro to geo

    Thank you a lot man for your fast reply! This is exactly what i needed! ;)! Have a nice day!
  9. Ohhh thank you man! I see what this is ;)!
  10. Greetings to all, I’m still new to Houdini, I’d like to export an Ocean to Alembic. Only here, I’d like to reduce the export file size with a Poly reduce, of an area being high resolution, and a low Resolutions area (which would be further away.) I’m not sure how to do it yet. Thank you in advance!