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  1. You can plug the pyro source directly to the torus, and switch the "Mode" to "Volume Scatter" If you want to scatter over a surface, switch the "Mode" to "Surface Scatter"
  2. Point deform piece attribute not working

    I did not fix the point deform name attribute, but a simple resample with points per segment will give you the exact same result. It's also way faster to compute! pointDeformPieceNotWorking_simpleResample.hiplc
  3. You have to install the very last Nvidia driver or the Studio one. But it's a Nvidia driver issue.
  4. Vellum Grains Issue - restless grains

    This is because of the orientation of your points (in this case, your normal attribute N). One way is to override the N attribute after the simulation with a point wrangler with this : v@N = (0,1,0); But you'll not get any rotation on your copied geo. If you want rotation, you should use rbd and a very low proxy of the copied geo as source. Also, 15 substeps is way too much. Try increasing constraint iteration to something like 1000 before increasing substeps.
  5. is there any value for static solver?

    Hey, You don't need static solver. You can simply merge the static objet with the rbdsolver using "merge" node. The merge node needs to be after the rbd solver. Solvers always have to be the last input of a merge.