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  1. individual restlength on hardconstraint

    You can override any of the constraint parameter by adding primitive attribute with the same name, so you need to create primitve attribute restlength.
  2. Take a look at enclosed file. I used a tint parameter to set basecolorr. stylesheet_principledshader.hip
  3. Here is an an example of attribute binding without using cvex script. stylesheet_attribute_binding.hip
  4. Tint exist as a parameter on clay shader. It's visibile at the bottom of Mantra Surface parameters. Take a look inside diffColor subnet. There is red network box where tint parameter is multiplied by diffuse color.
  5. You can bind attribute and use cvex scirpt to export it. See attached example file. stylesheet.hip
  6. Particles to DOPS

    I tried to modify velocity by using modifydata and it's working without problem. I've problem to do the same using gasparticletofield. What I'm doing wrong ? my_gasparticletofield.hipnc
  7. Particles to DOPS

    I forgot to add my current setup. my_gasparticletofield.hipnc
  8. Particles to DOPS

    I tried to copy velocity data from particles to rbd simulation without success. What's wrong with my setup ?
  9. Particle orientation

    Thanks! That's exactly what I needed.
  10. Particles to DOPS

    Hi! I'm trying to get particle simulation into DOPS to provide rbds collisions to it, but I'm having problem with transferring all attributes from particle network into DOPS. Houdini example popswithrbdcollision otl is exactly doing what I need, but it only uses uniform force to apply acceleration from POPs simulation. What should I do when I want to transfer all attributes from my POP network (velocity, angular velocity, mass, acceleration) to RBD simulation ? I know that RBD Point Object can inherit all attributes from SOPs , is there something similar I can do with getting POPs attributes to DOPs ? Cheers
  11. Particle orientation

    I need precise control over particle rotation. I need to align particle to some arbitrary vector. In my simple goal setup I need to align particle rotation to new goal position. I tried it to do this with orient attribute but without success. When I'm in POPS particle origin is always aligned with world axis, is it proper behaviour ? goal_align.hipnc
  12. Hi! I've problem with orienting particle to the surface. When particle is born with no initial velocity it's orientation isn't aligned with geometry (it's align with world axis). I want to orient particle from one vector to another. How it should be done ? Cheers