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  1. Scatter Node Making Geo Disappear

    different houdini versions might have different configurations of node. Connect geo and scattered grass by "Merge" node.
  2. Volume toon shader

    Thank you for responds. At first i thought transfer heat field to color and then to poligons, but then i sow this and decided make it it easer. Thanks.
  3. Volume toon shader

    Hello. Can u give me an advice how to make toon shader for explosion. I know i have to convert volume to poligons but i dont know what to do next. Really appreciate for yours answers.
  4. Solver SOP Prev_Frame problem

    When u transfer attributes u atransfer all but not group "emitter". So when u set points in group in wranle node("check_point_v") u set it by condition if(waiting==1). But at next frame "waiting" gets 0 and and condition in wrangle("check_point_v") not performed that is why points go out from group "emitter". So, decisions: 1) at wrangle set another condition if(@waiting==0) @time-=.1; 2) put grouptransfer node By the way, i decreace solver's substep to 1. Becouse @time behavws weird. And i did some changes to improve work. Hope it will help. panda_dust.hipnc
  5. camera_problem

    I have problem with camera. Every time when i move camera it fly away. When i zooming it goes in side. May be someone had the same problem and have solved it. camera.mp4
  6. Horse Mane and Tail on Fire

    First scene from film Only the Brave. Where bear on fire run out forest will be good references. But better looks on real fire. I guess this effect is simple. Just make from horses tail fuel attribute. In dopNet turn off smoke appearense in "combustion". And it's all.
  7. How to repeat this effect

    Looks like partules advected by smoke
  8. How do pyro collisions work?