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  1. Selecting edge corners

    Nice! -- Thanks! To reward your awesome generosity -- I have two more questions: First, what does the 1/-1 mean in that context? -- I would assume it would be 45 or so (as in degrees), but this doesn't seem to matter. Second, what would I do if I wanted to get the center point of each edge segment in a group? Seriously though -- I do appreciate your help, @anim. I've been wracking my brain when working with edges for quite a while now. I guess I don't quite understand what's going on quite yet.
  2. Selecting edge corners

    :'( Edge selection...
  3. Selecting edge corners

    Is there a method that lets me select (and group) all (_only_) the particular corners of a rectangular shape, and then tag them as NW, NE, SW, SE? For example, I want to select and group _this_ SW corner angle on _all_ rectangles in the geometry: