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  1. Hi, I'm losing my mind over how to link subnet parameters with the ones inside of it. I've got it to read the number of parameters and make that many, but can't make it read and populate the values accordingly. Super simple example hip down below. Basically the values on the subnet controls should correspond to the values on the wrangle inside. Thanks multiparmblocklist.hip
  2. Does anyone know what's up with sparse solver creating duplicate smokeobjects upon increasing dopnet substeps? Does not happen when increasing substeps on the solver inside the dopnet itself. Happens even with the shelf tool examples. Is there even any merit to increasing substeps on from the higher level (like forcing extra collision passes or smth), besides being able to view substeps in viewport?
  3. Rendering whitewater on large scale

    Hello, I'm looking for tips on rendering whitewater on large ocean patches. For smaller scales, I usually convert particles to volume and render whitewater as volume, but on huge ocean patches (even with camera frustum culling), I cannot afford enough volume resolution to cover areas that big without volume looking like crap. So far, I've split my WW particles into "hero" particles which are close to the camera and will be rendered as a volume, while those far away particles are to be rendered as particles. While this does work fine, I can't help but wonder if there are smarter ways to go about this. How would I go about making several smaller volumes from WW particles? VDB segment by connectivity seemed promising, but it requires having one big volume in the first place. Unfortunately I cannot share renders or files as this work for a client. Any help is appreciated, thanks
  4. As title implies, how does one cache substeps to disc via hqueue? I'm asking for both sims and ROP node. Many thanks
  5. Apparently the issue was in the velocity fields themselves and deleting them made arnold happy, so we settled on camera motion blur. As to why he didn't mind those same fields in any previous frames remains a mistery to us.
  6. Hello, I'm distributing my pyro sim across 4 machines and caching it afterwards to be rendered in Arnold. I'm using object merge to load the slices directly from the splicer, convertvdb SOP to convert the volume to VDB (would like a confirmation if it's really needed with the new volume sourcing workflow), vdbvectormerge SOP to merge all 3 velocity volumes into a single one and then the primitive SOP to write the vdb as a 16bit float, after which comes my file cache sop. Everything works fine for the first 24 frames, but for some reason arnold won't render any vdb after frame 1104. Arnold appears to load in the files, only to hang on me at Generating scene for an eternity. All the vdbs appear fine in the viewport for the entirety of the frame range (1080-1150). Size-wise, files look fine aswell (2gb for frame 1104 and 2.1gb for frame 1105). I am not hitting the memory limit or any warnings/errors either. It doesn't seem to be scene dependent either as I've tried loading it in a new simple scene and getting the same issues and I'm kinda out of troubleshooting ideas. Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I've got cached rbd geo of a helicopter crash and I'm looking for ways to collide them into a pool of vellum grains, creating the ground debris effect. I'm looking for suggestions around how to import my helicopter pieces geo into the vellum sim. I also don't want the helicopter pieces to be deformed by vellum. Is vellum object the correct way to approach this?
  8. Ways to bend geo under hard constraints

    I'm working on an rbd sim of a helicopter being hit by missile mid air. My metal is bending nice upon collision, but I'm looking for other ways to bend metal by the missile explosion (besides throwing a rock at it). Meta balls do break those hard constraints which are meant to break and send rigids flying, but I'm not getting any deformation in rigids which do (and are supposed to) stay constrained. TLDR: meta balls just don't bend my metal. Am I doing something wrong here? Should I be using some other method to achieve this effect? Unfortunately this is work for a client, so I cannot share files or pictures.
  9. Newbie fracturing question

    Hello, I'm having trouble fracturing my geo. As you can see in the simple tube example, my voronoi goes crazy as soon as I check "Connect inside surfaces". I need those inside polygons. I finished Applied Houdini tut on helicopter destruction and everything worked perfectly on more complex open surfaces. I just can't seem to find the difference. I tried both new and old voronoi SOP. What am I doing wrong here? NEVERMIND, not ticking "output back" on polyextrude was the culprit. Thread can be deleted/closed