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  1. not a certain context or node, just happen everywhere on h18.5.351 suddenly and other versions of houdini are fine update: I fix it by deleting all of my setting folders
  2. Can't edit multiple parameters at once by selecting all the nodes....any idea? Only the first node work as expected.
  3. Gas DSD solver seems like can deal with this effect, but I can't find more info on the internet. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/gasdsdsolver.html reference(2:35):
  4. Crowd ragdoll melting

    My crowd sim has an issue. When the state change to ragdoll, the agent start melting. But ragdoll behaves OK in test sim. ragdoll_issue.mp4
  5. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/renderingmanypolys.html Use perfect bounding boxes. Similar to predicing, this will run the displacement shaders before the rendering begins when the building the spatial subdivision structures, resulting in efficient ray-tracing. However, it will not keep the diced polygons around afterward. The memory usage will be better, but geometry will have to be regenerated when rendering is performed. How to achieve "use perfect bounding boxes" ?
  6. It seems that the get vector component VOP is useless.
  7. EDITED:wtf my comment was replaced to a porn site link by someone.
  8. Hi, I can't find any help document about old for loop VOP. Can you kindly update your hip? Or please give me some link for tips?
  9. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Hey But you can't even render imager if you won't disable the Mplay function.
  10. This is a little test from my teacher, but he won't tell me the answer after test over. Please tell me how to make this smoke effect with only pyrosolver in dop? Emitter has no limit. ref video
  11. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Disable the Render to Mplay under the Output tab.
  12. Hi all, can I take some of your times? I want to take a survey of my work to get some feedback. Thanks! Link:https://forms.gle/PbHUxMfrU4HZcLZw8