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  1. question for pcopne() function

    Hi guys, i am new to vex , in this very simple example i have some questions about pcopen() , i would be appreciated if you helped me, vector origin = point(1,"P",0) // a single point has been connected to first input of the wrangle int amount = chi("amount"); int radius = chi("radius"); int handle = pcopen(0 ,"P",origin,radius,amount); if (pcnumfound(handle)>0) { @Cd = {1,0,0}; ; } as i know for the code above : we have a radius around an origin to search for amount of point(s) connected to 1st input of the wrangle , then if some points have been found the statement would run for those points when i am going to translate what i have mentioned in the line above , i can't understand what is happening below , int amount = chi("amount"); int radius = chi("radius"); int handle = pcopen(1 ,"P",@P,radius,amount); // a single points has been connceted to 2nd input if(pcnumfound(handle)>0) { @Cd = {1,0,0}; } when i look to geometry spreadsheet , @P is referring to 1st input and the number 1 in pcopen() is referring to 2nd input , we have the origin (center of point cloud) from 1st input which is @P , and we are connecting the pcopen() to 2nd input of the wrangle, in result we have a point cloud which it's center is that external point , and the slide "amount" doesn't affects the number of points founded in the point cloud , i know i misunderstood something but i couldn't find it. the project file has been attached. Scott82N.hipnc