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  1. I use bbox(0,D_YMIN) and bbox(0,D_YMAX).
  2. heightfield vertical noise

    Hello Mic, It is not possible ,at least with heightmaps, because is basically a 2D image and you simply have no space to represent your Z data into the map. If you look at your terrain from above, that will become obvious. This is very interesting problem I also try to investigate, with no easy solution up to now:( One of the options , is to convert your heightfield to a mesh and continue from there , having full 3D space for your shapes , effectively loosing the optimisations and performance of the heightmap algorythms. The second way , is to make the correction at the shader level, that includes some tricks with blending UVs and triplanar projections. Also, this method can't be used in cases when any sort of physics body involved (If, for exaple, you want to simulate body collisions with those cliffs). It very depends on the final purpose result you want to acheive. I would suggest to avoid such sharp surfaces and make it less steep, unless you want to dive deep into some cumbersome solutions. There are a few links I found on the topics that might be useful. https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/643254-grid-heightmap-with-clifffaces/ http://whirlicube.com/heightmap-with-cliffs.html https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02273097/file/2019-tog.pdf Let me know how did you solve your problem, I am a bit curious BR, Michael