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  1. Add Value to Metadata

    Can you add a inter value to a Forloop Metadata in houdini? if not, How can i store a inter value from a separate node not connected, just like the Forloop metadata but with a wrangle. Should i use python or would the wrangle do it? The @value is returning a 0 and @cloestpoint returns 2. I need to store cloestpoint into value. Wrangle giving Value: if(detail(0,"secondnode") == 1) { vector pos = point(0,"P",28); i@cloestpoint = nearpoint(0,"intersection_p",pos); } else { i@cloestpoint = -1; } Wrangle not connected to any input node. Just want to store value of the above code: i@value = detail("../CloestPoint_to_B/snippet","cloestpoint");