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  1. create flip tank inside object

    thanks for an answer. I tried these when i saw your thread about bottle. unfortunately no success on boole because it leaves box outside of battub as well. Anyway i realized i dont need all fluid stuff only surface is enough so did a simple solution with basic plane shaped in bathtub and displacers for surface in c4d.
  2. create flip tank inside object

    hey there, im newbie to houdini and here. Im trying to achieve fluid in bathtub, easiest way seems like using flip tanks. But i don't know how to do that with custom shape instead of box. Also i will add some rigid bodies top of that water later. Also i tried to fill it with particle emitters but i couldn't success. Also how i freeze it after it fills, initial state ? In short: bathtub with water, floating rubber duck and some other model in surface. attached scene file. bath.hip