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  1. This is test hip data. I want you to go up and get smaller. This Each cube. test_191016.hipnc
  2. Hi, I need to Scaling packed Objects with According to the height. I want to make the scale smaller as the height increases. Thanks.
  3. How do I fill in convex geometry?

    I have solved the problem
  4. 凸幾何学をどのように埋めますか? 写真は悪い方法です
  5. I want to make Voronoi like the picture. Can I have some help please?
  6. Drop of water simulation flip

    Hi!! I'm trying to Drop of water Fx ・Reference movie https://vimeo.com/14054601 https://forums.odforce.net/topic/30773-water-drop-splash/?tab=comments#comment-171664 The conditions I want to do 1.Water droplets are small like sweat 2.I want to make a series of fall and bounce 3.I want to shape like a crown The data I was making is this, but bounce does not work well can you help someone drop_190419.hipnc